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Drake Insight | June Edition | The Official “Thank Me Later” Album Review

It’ is not uncommon for blogs to receive advance copies of an artist’s CD, as we, in turn, offer a distinct service to fans by providing them with timely, expert evaluations of the artist’s new music. It is amazing to witness the world embracing digital forms of modern reporting and music culture.

Thank Me Later is Canadian rapper Drake’s debut studio album, slated to be released on June 15, 2010 on Young Money Entertainment under a joint venture with Cash Money and distributed by Universal Motown.

Prior to his scheduled June 15th album release date, I wanted to post my own personal review of this incredible album. Not to leave any of you out though; feel free to join the discussion and leave your thoughts and feelings or any other comments about any of the songs that you may have already heard.

By Contributing Writer Simply Phillip Brown, Francisco,CA

  • 1. Fireworks, feat. Alicia Keys (prod. Crada & 40)

    Fireworks reminds me of the feeling you get when you step out on your own, or try something new for the first time. It arouses emotions in your heart similar to when you fall in love, or brings out the kind of smile that lights up your face, when you realize that the dream of which you once spoke has become the reality that you are living. Alicia Keys’s voice adds the perfect touch. I have this song on constant repeat.

  • 2. Karaoke

    I love Drake’s voice in this song, It’s the type of song you play late at night, riding around with your friends with the windows down. I’m talking about bright lights, having drinks with good friends. You worked hard all week, and tonight is your night to just let go. So what if you have bills to pay? Tonight the focus is on having a great time and just letting everything else go.

  • 3. The Resistance (prod. 40)

    In this particular song, Drake shares a little about his childhood. The song is simple, not overdone. At first listen, this was not my favorite track of the album, but after listening to it more, it certainly has become the most appreciated.

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