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Drake On The Cover Of The 2012 Power Issue Of Toronto Life Magazine

Drake is featured on the cover of Toronto Life magazine for the month of December. This issue of Toronto Life has their top 50 influential people in Toronto, but of course that list can’t be complete with out having Drizzy.

Aubrey Drake Graham has gone international, but hasn’t dampened his crush on the city that raised him: he recently had a giant 416 tattooed on his torso, still keeps a condo at the St.Thomas, and gets his fade tightened by the same barber he went to when he was a Degrassi brat. He turned impresario with the Toronto OVO Fest, which stands for October’s Very Own. He champions Toronto’s next wave of hip-hop artists-giving up-and-comer The Weeknd a prime-time slot-and brings his megastar pals Eminem, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Nicki Minaj and Snoop to headline. UP NEXT: OVO 2013 is headed for the 55,000-capacity Rogers Centre, which should be big enough to constrain the egos on the bill.

Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer “NY” In Nightclub

Drake was spotted having a good time with UK singer “NY” in a nightclub while doing his Club Paradise tour in Europe. Check out the photos below. New fling perhaps?

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Drake’s Dressing Room Demand, Chicken Wings and Chapstick

When it comes dressing room request, Drake has a few essential items he likes to set the mood right. An alleged list of Drake’s dressing room request has surface from a recent concert and is making its rounds on twitter and from from a glimpse you can see Drake likes his chap stick, scented candles, and chicken wings. Let us know what you think.