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Drake Falls On Stage In Birmingham And Recovers In A Roll

Drake fell on stage while performing in Birmingham for his Club Paradise tour. Drizzy was performing his hit single Take Care when he mistepped and ended up falling backwards. No need to worry though, Drake played it off so nicely by doing one of those rolls you do on the ground when you were a kid lol Skip to 1:25 mark to see Drake’s roll skills in action.

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Drake’s Performance At The O2 In Dublin, Ireland

Drake performed at The O2 in Dublin, Ireland yesterday. We got some footage for you after the jump. As for the “Take Care” video Drizzy was releasing last Friday, “Just got so much love in Dublin. Take Care video coming soon. Apologize for jumping the gun you know I’m rushing for ya’ll.” he commented.

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Drake’s First Stage Performance 2010

Drake hasn’t done a show since 2009, since he injured his knee. Well he’s all better now and he’s performing again! On February 3rd, Drake will be making his first performance of 2010 at the Virginia Commonwealth University Homecoming with Tanya Morgan. This is not your club appearance type of setup, it’s the real deal!

Who knows, he might even debut something new from the upcoming “Thank Me Later” album released later this year. Stay tuned for a list of tour dates  and ticket purchase details.

Drake Performing Best I Ever Had In Toronto

If you saw that last post on the issue of Drake’s injured knee, you saw him walk off the stage with his pimpin’ cane. Well There’s a new video up of Drake and Trey Songz performing “Best I Ever Had” on stage. It’s surprising how much he’s trying to put out even in the condition he’s in. Vote for him at MTV.com VMA’s for “The Best New Artist 2009”.