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101 Top Drake Songs To Listen To (Fan Post)

When I began compiling a list of the the top 101 Drake songs, I conferred with several colleagues and learned there were many differing opinions about what songs should be on the list. I briefly toyed with the idea of pitting all of Drake’s loyal fans among my co-workers against one another in a Hunger Games fight-to-the-death scenario against the backdrop of Times Square. However, not wanting to wind up in the slammer, I concluded that the most diplomatic and least murderous thing to do would be to invite my office pals to submit their own lists. I thought it best to try to preserve a civil work environment, not to mention my longstanding policy of avoiding contact with the Human Resources department. So while we didn’t battle it out in a conference room or some such nonsense, each one of us faced an internal battle — choosing the top Drake songs out of the hundreds of favorites. As you can tell from the results of our efforts, it wasn’t easy (some of us got a little greedy with 20 strong lists). While the usual suspects like “Find Your Love” and “Show Me a Good Time” made appearances, there were a few surprises in the music tastes among the Drizzy Drake office folk.

We went back as far as 2004. A lot of Drake’s songs were, of course, featured on mixtapes. In some songs, he is featured with other artists. But regardless of how he is involved with the song, one thing is obvious — the man makes great music. So, in no particular order, I am pleased to present my take on the top 101 songs by Drake.

1. Drake – “Something”. Call me weird, but I’ve got to say I love Drake’s singing more than his rapping, though some may choose to differ. “Something”, from way back in 2___, is one very incredible song that I still find myself listening to, even now in 2012.

2. Drake – “Don’t U Have A Man” (featuring Dwele & Little Brother). The Comeback Season mixtape has some true gems on it that even now feel like classics. This song shows a side of Drake that not many people know, the side which is almost borderline neo-soul. Even in that genre, he manages to shine like a star.

3. Drake – “Crew Love” ft. The Weeknd. Have you ever been in love? I mean real love? Unconditional love? Only some of us have truly been blessed to know what that feels like. This song embodies that feeling.

4. Drake – “Find Your Love”. This one showed Drake’s maturation into a respectable singer, rapper and overall performer.

5. Drake – “Enjoy Ya Self” featuring Slakah the Beatchild. Amazing song! Drake doesn’t use the voice box but instead he lets his natural talent do what it does best.

Drake & James Blake – James Drake [Mixtape Mashup]

This is one very interesting mixtape mashup between Drake and James Blake. It’s amazing how well this was put together, and any one who loves Drake would appreciate grabbing this mixtape mashup. “James Drake” takes vocals and instrumentals from both respective artists, at times altering the vocals significantly, but at all times maintaining this pensive, inscrutable backdrop. It’s sexy and dark at the same time. Listen to the compilation here and download it!

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Drake – Comeback Season 2 | Download

Download : Drake – Comeback Season 2

01 Grammy Intro
02 Congratulations
03 Overdose On Life Ft. Travis & Mickey Factz
04 Love & Gunz
05 Where Were You Ft. Colin Munroe
06 Scriptures
07 Beautiful Music
08 Get it shawty Ft. Lloyd
09 BedRock Pt. 2 Ft. Lloyd & Lil Wayne
10 One More Time
11 The New Shit
12 Lil wayne(interlude)
13 Pass The Dutch Ft. Lil Wayne & Shawt Dawg
14 Material Girl
15 Get Low Ft. Small World
16 Get Over It
17 Mambo Ft. Fito Blanko
18 Forever Remix Ft. Lil Wayne Kanye West & Eminem
19 Friends & Money
20 Put It Down Ft. Bun B
21 Spread My Wings Ft. Jaye 1
22 Drake & Trey Songz (Interlude)
23 Pop Rose Ft. Trey Songz
24 Doing His Thing
25 Believe or Not Ft. Gucci Mane
26 I Do It Ft. Kurtis Blow Jr
27 Come Real
28 It’s been a pleasure Ft. Jaye

Drake – Heartbreak Drake 3 | Download

Download : Drake – Heartbreak Drake 3

1. Drake – Scriptures (Exclusive) (3:38)
2. Drake – Hurt (Exclusive) (3:42)
3. Drake – Material Girl (Exclusive) (2:39)
4. Drake – 4 My Town (feat. Birdman) (Exclusive) (4:10)
5. Drake – Fed Up (3:26)
6. Drake – Say Something (2:15)
7. Drake – The King (1:36)
8. Drake – Play Ball (3:00)
9. Drake – Believe It or Not (2:06)
10. Drake – Mo Milli (feat. Birdman) (2:22)
11. Drake – Money to Blow (4:12)
12. Drake – Darlin’ (5:06)
13. Drake – Fear (4:13)
14. Drake – Killers (feat. Nipsey Hussle) (2:48)
15. Drake – Bedrock (4:49)
16. Drake – Off That (feat. Jay-Z) (3:32)
17. Drake – Beautiful (3:28)
18. Drake – Go (1:17)
19. Drake – Successful (Live) (feat. Jay-Z) (3:47)
20. Drake – Words from Jay-Z (0:45)

Drake Media Center Has All The Mixtapes!

I’ve been working on this most of the day today, and now it’s finally up and running. Drake Media Center is now online. Before we only use to have a drake mixtape page, but I know you the fans wanted more. So I put together all the single tracks that get trickled out every month, bundled up all the mixtapes that DrizzyDrake.ORG had for downloads, and grabbed a wallpaper that I thought looked awesome and created a page where you can find it all! Stop on by and check it out and let us know what you think, or what you would like to see there by contacting us.

Drake Media Center

Interested in having the above image as your wallpaper? It’s located at our Drake Media Center =P

Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary

Just in today, Complex.com just released an exclusive inside scoop into Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary for the America’s Most Wanted Tour. Drake answers a couple of questions about the tour, his dressing habits, and why every one on the tour has a pellet gun! This is a must read for all the Drake fans out there.

Complex: How do you choose your outfit for the show?

Drake: “Me and Oliver will sit down together and figure out what’s a good look for tonight. But I like this outfit, I like this sweater, it’s Robert Geller, I wear a lot of Robert Geller.”

Complex: I’m guessing you’re outfit is influenced by the venue and the part of the country you’re in? Continue reading

Drake ft. Saukrates – The Search

Drake just dropped another track with the help of saukrates. It’s pretty dope, it’s produced by Rich Kidd. The song is actually off Rich Kidd’s new mixtape “We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3”. Check it out and let us know what you think.

[audio:Drake-The-Search-f.-Saukrates www.DrizzyDrake.org.mp3]
Download – Drake – The Search

In site news, the lyrics page has been updated with more Drizzy Drake lyrics, so don’t forget to check that out. Also I have added “Heart Break Drake Part 2” mixtape to the mixtape page, so that’s available for download as well. One more mixtape has came out, it’s DJ Neky The Kid Presents: Drake-A Drizzy Drake Special Mixtape (2009). Prayers out to Drizzy, let’s all hope he gets better.