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Drake Feat. Stevie Wonder – Doing It Wrong Lyrics

  http://youtu.be/feVhrUIKFFQ [Verse 1] When a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world It’s just the end of a world that you had with one girl Read More

Drake – Camera/Good Ones Go (Interlude) Lyrics

http://youtu.be/vsqUQmuoGXs [Verse 1] Word on road is the clique about to blow You ain’t gotta run aExplainnd tell nobody they already know We’ve been living on a high, they’ve been Read More

Drake – Underground Kings Lyrics

http://youtu.be/p7u_9O2JeYE [Verse 1] Bridge over troubled water, ice in my muddy water Rich off a mixtape, got rich off a mixtape Probably shouldn’t be driving, it just got so much Read More

Drake Feat. Birdman – We’ll Be Fine Lyrics

http://youtu.be/mxN0ZFRHNSc [Verse 1] Yeah, never thoughts of suicide, I’m too alive But I still treat it likes it’s do or die Even though dying isn’t in the plans But neither Read More

Drake – Shot For Me Lyrics

http://youtu.be/7w8naKuZuKc [Verse 1] I can see it in your eyes, you’re angry Regret got shit on what you’re feeling now Mad cause he ain’t like me Oh you mad cause Read More

http://youtu.be/UJ9u5xR0o1A [Hook: Chantal Kreviazuk] How I’m feeling, it doesn’t matter Cause you know I’m okay And still, I ask myself, “Why do you worry?” When you know I’m the sameExplain Read More

Drake Feat. Kendrick Lamar – Buried Alive Lyrics

http://youtu.be/_ILFSNGIyMw Looking in the mirror I’m embarrassed I’m feeling like a suicidal terrorist React like an infant whenever you are mentioned Mind over matter never worked for my nemesis I’m Read More

http://youtu.be/0KCWqnldEag [Intro] Gotta do what I gotta do [Verse 1] All my exes live in Texas like I’m George Strait Or they go to Georgia State where, tuition is handled Read More

Drake Feat. Rick Ross – Lord Knows Lyrics

http://youtu.be/Ior9Ve2t1vs [Intro: Rick Ross] All we wanted was opportunity (Just Blaze!) Lord knows! [Verse 1: Drake] It’s your worst nightmare, it’s my first night here And this girl right here, Read More

Drake Feat. The Weeknd – Crew Love Lyrics

http://youtu.be/95Lh-r5ymQk [Verse 1: The Weeknd] Take your nose off my keyboard What you bothering me for? There’s a room full of niggas What you following me for? This ain’t no Read More