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Lyrokz: Drake – Headlines Wristband

Don’t just update your Facebook Status or Tweet your friends your favorite DRAKE lyrics. Now’s your chance to LET YOUR WRISTS DO THE TALKING! Buy your very own “Headlines” LYRICBANDS™. Highlight your mood at the gym, express your personality in class, or even just match your outfit for a fun night out. Fresh Apparels very own LYRICBANDS ™ are a great accessory for any occasion. Slip one on and wear your favorite song, buy one or buy them all #LYRICBANDS LET YOUR WRISTS DO THE TALKING

All LyricBands are licensed products and are used with the permission of the publishers.


If you’re reading this there is a good chance you’re a Drake “fanatic.” That means you freely and enthusiastically devote substantial portions of your precious, limited time to a man you hardly know; a man who doesn’t even know you exist. You may catch a bit of flack for your obsession from your friends once in a while, but it doesn’t bother you at all because Mr. Graham’s music touches you in a way that makes worshiping him for it just feels right. Right?

The path to becoming a Drake fanatic starts out innocently enough. It starts with the music, of course. But next thing you know things get out of control; you’re carving owls into your binders, you’re raking in pictures and videos and digital artifacts of him on your tumblr (or, at least until he said that thing about not liking tumblr), you’re sleeping on the cold asphalt of a parking lot for days just to catch a glimpse of him in the flesh, and late at night you’re fantasizing to old Degrassi clips starring Wheelchair Jimmy.

But in the end, nothing says “Drake my love for you is 4eva” quite like a TATTOO, does it? No surprise then, that the internet has been going nutso over a photo that surfaced last week of a girl with DRAKE tattooed across her forehead. I was curious about hearing the story behind the tattoo, so on behalf of VICE Magazine I contacted the tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell, and ended up getting a pretty interesting story out of the guy. You should read it, seriously. If you’ve ever thought about getting a Drake tatt, or if you already have one, I’d say this is mandatory reading. It’s located here at The Story Behind Drake’s Best Headline Yet.

— Kara-Lis Coverdale (From VICE Magazine)

So have you shown your love for Drake is 4eva with a TATTOO? We asked our facebook fans if they have any Drake inspired tattoos and the turn out is pretty amazing. So we would like to ask the entire internet this time! If you have a Drake inspired tattoo on your body or a friend’s body, send it to us to have it featured on the largest Drake site on the net at admin@drizzydrake.org (must be a real tattoo lol no markers).

Check out some of the cool Drake ink below and let us know what you think!