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The Golden State Warriors Chose to Sing Big Rings by Drake and Future While Receiving Championship Rings

The Golden State Warriors love singalongs, as every fan of the team already knows, but the team took this love even further when they sang Big Rings by Drake and Future as they hoisted their 2015 NBA Championship banner and received their championship rings. Obviously the Warriors can relate to the song and they believe it shows their true feelings. During the ceremony many were surprised when Andrew Bogut actually had his championship ring sized for and placed on his middle finger as a gesture to all the critics out there. Hopefully Big Rings helps the Warriors keep their momentum and stay on top during the next season as well.

DrakeCare: Fans Rush To The Stores To Purchase Take Care (Photos)

Today is the official release of Drake‘s Take Care album, and Drake’s numbers for his sophomore album are looking pretty good so far. Hundreds of fans rushed to the nearest HMV, Best Buy, or even Amazon from their desktop to purchase the highly anticipated album. We asked fans to send in a photo of their copy, and the pictures just keep pouring in hourly. Check out #TeamDrizzy and #TeamDrake fans photos below.

Drake Camp Out Starts Now

Drake will be having a CD signing tomorrow in New York @ Best Buy Union Square on 14th Street. As you can see the line is geting pretty big already. Tomorrow feels like a celebration. June 15th!

Drake, “Who’s Boobies Are These?”

Drake was performing at Baltimore, Maryland when this video was shot. After watching this you would think Drake would be a stand up comedian. In the video, Drake is about to start talking about “serious” stuff, when a double D bra gets sling shot to the stage almost touching his face. He goes on to say, “I’m trying to inspire people and you just making the show about ya titties”. lol You got to watch it, it’s hilarious.