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Drake Closes Out The Club Paradise Tour UK In Nottingham (Video)

Drake performed his last show in Nottingham for Club Paradise tour UK. Watch the videos after the jump of Drake’s last show at Capital FM Arena. Drizzy closed the show out with a bang by bring out the entire OVO crew out on stage. USA get ready, because this is going to be an epic start to his Summer leg. We are announcing winners to his first show in Concord, CA tomorrow night!

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Drake Talks Third Album and Upcoming US Spring Tour

Drake is already in the studio working on his third album! Drake spoke with Billboard and he’s already putting down the work for his third album even though he just released Take Care only last November. Also for everyone that’s going to this upcoming leg of Club Paradise tour, there’s a chance we will get to hear some of Drake’s new music. Check out what Drake has to say after the jump, also don’t forget to enter to win a FREE pair of tickets to Club Paradise Summer tour!

Drake talks his third album: “I think my mood will be reflected in the tempos I choose for the music. A lot of ‘Take Care,’ it’s down… and I think a lot of it had to do with being back in Toronto, getting reacquainted with the life I had before (fame) and difficulties with that, and at the same time trying to express excitement, express joy… ”

“Now I’m in a very, very, very, very different place than I’ve ever been, really focused on myself, really focused on my health, my body, my mind, really wanting to be the best I can possibly be…I’m in a different mindset now that I’m very proud of… It’s going to be a very interesting album — probably, to be honest with you, conceptually one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on, just ’cause there’s so many new things going on in my life.”

Drake’s upcoming US tour leg: “I don’t want it to feel like a bunch of opening acts and then the headliner. With the stage, every act that comes out, something about the stage changes… It’s going to keep people’s attention. It’s going to be an energetic and very interesting evening for sure.”

“I know a lot of these guys very well; not only am I a fan of their music, but I have very strong alliances with these guys. I guess it’s safe to say now that anybody I didn’t have a song with before I have a song with now. I made sure of that. I want to go out on the tour with the most exciting artists right now and I want to make sure I have songs all of them.” That includes Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’,” which Drake and Montana feature on, and Waka’s “Round of Applause.” Drake also promised, without getting specific, that “fans are going to get some exciting new musical material that will probably end up dropping a few days before the tour, so we can play them on the tour, which was really my concept.”

“If we start getting really into and start vibing, maybe the last few nights it’s a collaboration show. Maybe we do all our songs on the stage together, making exciting moments for people that are not just about seeing all of us individually.”

Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer “NY” In Nightclub

Drake was spotted having a good time with UK singer “NY” in a nightclub while doing his Club Paradise tour in Europe. Check out the photos below. New fling perhaps?

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