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Drake’s Dad Gets Mad At ‘Friends’ Who Didn’t Cop His Single

Dennis Graham, better known as Drake’s dad, has 220,000 Instagram followers but that could soon change after many did not buy his new single “Kinda Crazy” from iTunes. On Sunday Dennis voiced his displeasure on social media about his so called friends and their apparent lack of support for his music. Graham posted “I will be deleting all my so called friends on instagram who hasn’t purchased my 1.29 Kinda Crazy single how cheap can friends be ??have a nice life!!!!!!!as of midnight tonight you will be a faded memory,you know who you are,and you can also see that all you a**holes that are making what you think are funny comments has been blocked.” It is not clear whether Dennis feels unsupported because of low record sales or because he is not buzzing on the music scene the way his son Drizzy does. Hopefully Graham will find some more supportive friends soon.


Drake Talks with Fallon About Views and Details Conversation with Dad About the Album (VIDEO)

Drizzy recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the rapper from Toronto discussed his latest album Views and a conversation that he had with his father after his album dropped. Drake told Fallon that he was talking with his dad, who was in shanghai and was interested in a used RV that a friend had for sale.

The musical artist asked his father if he knew what was going on in the USA, and then Drake explained that his latest album Views was just released and was doing great. Graham then told Drizzy that he loved the album, but when the rapper asked his dad which song was his favorite things got awkward. Graham finally admitted that his service was not that great in the area where he was, and that means he probably has not heard his son’s latest album and tracks just yet.

Are Drake’s Dad and Justin Bieber Collaborating Together? Dennis G Says People are in For a Surprise!

The pairing of Dennis G, Drake’s dad, and Justin Bieber is not one that many people would expect but according to an Instagram post by the father of one of the most popular rappers around the globe. Dennis Graham posted on Instagram “We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned”, and the post was followed by several emojis that featured praying hands and other symbols. When you consider that the only thing in common the younger pop star and the older long time musician have in common is music then it seems obvious that the pair are working on something musical. In fact Dennis G’s musical background is even mentioned by Drake on his “You & The 6”. On this well received track Drake raps

“Having conversations with momma, we start talkin’ bout dad, You know he dropping a single/ he saying this is his window/ That n—a still wearing linen, that n—a still in the club/ Call him after we get off the phone and show him some love.” Fans of Drake and Justin Bieber both can not wait to see what the Biebs and Dennis G are up to.

We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned ????????????????????????

A photo posted by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

Drake’s Dad Talks About the Rapper’s Childhood and Tells What Gift Drake Always Wanted Most

According to his dad Dennis the one gift that Drake always wanted when he was a child was a dreidl, and the rapper was lucky enough to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah because his mom was Jewish and his father was not. Dennis would visit Drake each year during the holidays, coming up from Memphis to visit with Drake and his mother. According to an interview that Dennis gave TMZ “A dreidl. It was Hanukkah. He always used to look forward to the eight days of gifts, and then Christmas. So he had both of them.” Now Drake is so successful and financially well off that he could afford all of the dreidls that he wants although the rapper has probably outgrown wanting this gift by now.

Drake Will Rep Memphis In His Junior Album (Video)

Drake continues his interview with Sway from MTV News by talking about his plans to rep Memphis on his junior album. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, and relatives actually live in Memphis, Tennessee and Drake use to spend his summers there. Check out what Drake has to say below.

“That’s my town, you know, that’s like home. Memphis is a place I hold dear to my heart, actually a place on this next project I just want to start talking more about and maybe even do some recording out there, just to reconnect with that. Drake has long rapped about his relationship with the city on a number of tracks. Most recently, he paid homage on “Under Ground Kings. “Memphis, Tennessee, know, see I start to go deep back/ In Ridge Crest with my seat back, with Yo Gotti and E-Mack” I remember just sitting there watching, watching this guy record, how it was all done, I hadn’t really been subjected to it before. That shaped a lot of my early days like, ‘Oh, I wanna rap. Being around him in Memphis, Tennessee, was a big moment for me. I would definitely give him a lot of credit for just embracing me.”

Drake Spotted Leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse (Photos)

Drake was spotted Friday night leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where he was having dinner with his father Dennis Graham. TMZ caught up with Drake and his father at the end when they were leaving, where they asked Dennis Graham a couple of questions. Check out the photos below, Drake was rolling heavy in a pearl white Bentley.

Drake and Father Duet? It’s Possible (Video)

TMZ caught up with Drake‘s father, Dennis Graham, when Drake and him we leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night. Dennis tells TMZ that he knew his son was going to be a star even at an early age. TMZ also asked Drake if he would ever do a duet with his father, and Drake responded, “Yeah, it’s possible.”. Drake’s dad was a drummer for rock star Jerry Lee Lewis back in the day, he taught Drake how to play piano as a baby and played music for him while he was still in his mother’s womb. “He felt it. He really felt it,” said the proud pops, who spoke about Drizzy’s wild days in the Young People’s Theater. Check out the video after the jump.

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