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Cassie Steele Growing Up With Drake

Complex caught up with Cassie Steele to talk about her role in the The L.A. Complex. She also got asked some questions concerning Drake, since she and Drizzy were cast members on Degrassi: The Next Generation. See what she had to say after the jump.

Are you still in contact with Drake?
“He’s like the epitome of an example of somebody that’s just too busy for anything. He’s had major success, we’re all so proud of him, and he’s on a tour in Europe right now. I would love to have a coffee with him, but by the time I get there, I’m sure he’d be across the world.”

You also have a music career, so was a collaboration with him something you’ve ever thought about? Has it ever come up?
“I mean, yeah, sure! It kind of feels like he was like my big brother growing up. I’ve known him since I was like 11 years old. Obviously, there’s a ton of admiration for somebody when you’re that age and Aubrey was a few years older than me. When you’re 11, that’s a lot, that’s like a decade. It’s like, “Whoa you know so much about so many things!”

“He’s so talented and it’s not like he just bought it. He was always like that. He was always working on music and I think that’s something that anybody who is trying to make it in the industry should really take note of. He was working on it since—I can’t even remember. It’s something I’ve always thought of him doing or that he was doing.”