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Drake Performs In Austin, TX For The Club Paradise Tour

Drake performed at his next stop from The Club Paradise Tour in Austin, TX last night. Check out the video after the jump, it contains highlights throughout the entire set. Read More

Drake Music: Here's the official CD quality track from Bun B. feat. Drake "Put It Down". Most copies released weren't finalized, but this one is the real deal. Bun B's Read More

Bun B Talks About Drake Collabos

Thank me later man, a million copies shipped and gone... RapRadar clarified the Bun B Drake collabos. They go on to say the following: So I spent the day with Read More

Houston Texas Stand Up! Drake Kills It

This night was crazy. Drake performed amazingly last night, and to top things off Bun B shut it down that night as well. The crowd was insane, word is the Read More