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Drake Owns Best New Artist On Myspace…

Here is Myspace’s interview back in May 2009 at Cal State LA also known as one of his best performances of the year. Everyone in the building knew every song word for word without him even releasing an album yet that “A Star Was Born” as Jay-Z would say…

So, considering all the accolades that he has racked up in the past twelve months, Myspace still decided to name Drake their Best New Artist of 2009. But, as even he seems to realize, it’s the music, and not the hype, that truly got him here. Now, here is Myspace’s interview with Drizzy last week when they told him about the nod… wow a lot has changed since then!

(Here’s an old video..)

Not that we’re going to offer it to someone else, but if you were asked to name your Best New Artist of 2009 who would it be?
You know, I always get this question and when I answer people always tell me, “That person isn’t new.” [Laughs.] That’s because there are people I just discovered this year that I think are phenomenal, like Kings Of Leon. I know their album came out before 2009, but I probably would have chose Kings Of Leon. Or Kid Cudi. He had a good year. Continue reading


Well it’s that time again, to start casting your vote for the MTV VMA’s again, and well you all knew Drake was going to be in the running for the best new artist of 2009. Along side with Drake there is 3oh!3, Lady Gaga, Asher Roth, and Kid Cudi. I seem to actually like all those artist, all of them did it pretty big this year with some banging tracks, but we all know who I’m voting for… The site pretty much explains it all. Anyway like they say in all those voting commercials and what not, “Every vote counts!” So head over to MTV and make one artist the best new artist of 2009 “cough” Drake!

Vote Drake For “Best New Artist”