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Drake To The LA Times: “I Want To Reach My Personal Best”

Another article was published on drake in the LA Times. Aubrey Drake Graham goes on to tell the LA Times that he’s looking to the seize the moment, and then make it last. I’m guessing Drake fills the pressure to deliver. Drake’s album drop this Tuesday.

The crowd at downtown Los Angeles’ Club Nokia arrived primed and pumped up. Not just to be entertained, but, more palpably, to witness a make-or-break moment. Continue reading

Drake On “Away From Home” Tour

Last year, Drake got his big break opening for Lil Wayne after returning from his own So Far Gone tour, where he rocked the mike at universities and small colleges across the country. This year, though, he’s the main act on “The Away From Home” trek. But he’s in no rush to move on to arenas and amphitheaters just yet — 2010’s most buzzed-out MC wants to revisit the cities and venues that helped make him 2009’s breakout star. “I loved the intimate experience,” he says about his previous tour. “I’m kind of scared of that day when I got to do like 15,000 people. I don’t know, there’s just no way for me to look them in the eyes and make them all feel important.”

To keep the ambiance going, Drake will incorporate a live band into his set. With hand-picked opening acts Francis and the Lights and K-Os, he’s hoping to recreate the vibe of his introductory shows.”It’s a musical experience, it’s about a mood,” he says. “Woman can come out and feel sexy. It’s gonna be good. Continue reading

Drake Covers COMPLEX’s February/March 2010 Issue

When we first interviewed Drake a year ago, he was the new kid on the block who had just dropped a little mixtape called So Far Gone. But after owning 2009 with an unexpected string of hits, Drizzy is now the man to beat. It’s only right that Complex features Drake on the cover of our first issue of 2010. It’s the dawning of a new decade!

The February/March issue officially hits stands on February 8, but we’re giving you a chance to read the full story now. Check the link below to hear Drizzy speak on his relationship with Wayne, competition with newcomers like J. Cole, getting inspired by ex-girlfriends, and the details on his debut Thank Me Later.

The entire article is pretty lengthy so click “click to continue” to view the entire post.

Continue reading

Timberland feat. Drake “Say Something” Inside The Video

One of the premier cuts from Timbaland’s Shock Value II is the Drake-featuring “Say Something.” The track sounds more like Drake with Timbaland than the other way around, and Drizzy’s takeover has the super-producer’s full blessing.

“I feel that’s the hottest record Drake got,” Tim said. “That’s the hottest hook I heard him on since the ‘Best I Ever Had.’ That’s his lane. That’s how I feel. He’s the only one that could get away with that slow-feel music that makes you feel like it was fast. It seems like Drake, all day. Ah, man. When Drake wrote to it, he had to call me and say, ‘I wanna make sure you like this hook. Because the way I’m rapping to it, I feel like it was my record. I had to realize this was not my record; this is a feature you want me to be on.’ I had to catch a grip and say, ‘Get it right. This is your record.’ ” Continue reading

Fans On Debut “Lost In Emotions”, Drake Hopes…

Drake isn’t a singer-and he’s the first to admit it. When he released his highly touted 2009 mixtape “So Far Gone,” which finds the Toronto-raised artist singing and rapping, he thought he made a huge mistake. “People were like, ‘What is this? There’s way too much singing on here,’ ” he says. “We were really nervous about it and for like a week I was having a serious breakdown.”

But a month later, Drake, born Aubrey Graham, realized there was a method to the madness. “Within like four weeks I noticed I had a brand-new sound that takes a while to digest and understand. Things started to pick up and I started to learn the value of taking risks,” he says.

Now, the venture is paying off. Last month when the Grammy nominations were announced, Drake learned he was up for best rap solo performance and best rap song for “Best I Ever Had” off “So Far Gone.”

“I can’t say this is unexpected, because, I mean, it’s something that’s kept me up many nights,” the 23-year-old says. “I dreamed about this for a lot of years and have lost lots of sleep over it. This is like the highest honor and I am humbled by this. It’s one of the few awards that isn’t a popularity contest; you have to make great music to be honored, and this is completely surreal to me.”

It’s an honor, however, that has an unintended side effect. With the two nominations that stemmed from his mixtape, that puts Drake out of the running for best new artist in 2010, when his debut album is released.

Lady Gaga experienced a similar technicality in 2009, as she was ineligible for best new artist since her track “Just Dance” was nominated for best dance recording the previous year. The best new artist rules say the nominated performer is eligible for “the first recording which establishes public identity,” and a prior nomination indicates that this threshold has already been reached.

But that may be just a tiny regret for Drake, who is set up to receive tremendous exposure for his forthcoming set. Drake, who got signed to Universal Motown through mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money label shortly after the release of “So Far Gone,” is prepping “Thank Me Later,” slated for a February March release. “The best part about ‘So Far Gone’ was that I didn’t focus on structure. The only thing that was consistent was the story and the emotion. That’s what I want to do with this album,” Drake says. “I make music for people to get lost in it, so, as long as it takes you somewhere, then I’ve succeeded.”

So far, the album features Kanye West, Wayne, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z, and a collaboration with Sade is on Drake’s wish list. “Something happened last night too that might be great-it might serve as the legendary sprinkle for the album,” Drake says about another potential partnership on the set. “Shut It Down” and “Fireworks” are two tracks slated to make the album’s final cut.

“In 2010 I’m really hoping I can stay true to this new way of life I’ve committed myself to,” he says. “I have a special plan to keep the free flow of music going after the album is released. This is definitely a unique path I’m setting out on, and honestly, it’s great. I’m honored to be in this position.“

The Media Center has been update with two new tracks from Drake – Come With Me & Zone. Check them out!

Aubrey Drake Graham Signs With ICM

ICM has signed Aubrey Graham, otherwise known as Drake, the fast-rising, Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist whose “Best I Ever Had” single hit No. 1 on the Billboard Rap Charts and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 — all without having been signed to a label. ICM will rep the rapper-actor in all phases of his career.

Until last summer, Drake was best known as Jimmy Brooks in his role on Canada’s “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” But all that changed this year when his mentor Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne’s longtime manager Cortez Bryant assisted in launching Drake’s hip hop career, and the success of Drake’s “Best” single helped land a deal with Young Money Entertainment, with distribution through Universal Motown, resulting in a $2 million development payday, as reported by the LA Times. The song is nominated for two Grammy Awards: best rap solo performance and best rap song. He also received an American Music Award nom for hip-hop newcomer of the year.

Drake is working on his label LP debut, “Thank Me Later,” which will be released later this year. The artist’s self distributed mix-tape compilation, “So Far Gone,” has sold 267,484 units to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Drake is co-managed by Bryant Management and Hip Hop Since 1978.

Interview Magazine Writes Article On Aubrey Drake Graham

Being anointed the biggest Jewish-Canadian rapper in the world might sound like faint praise, but Drake isn’t exactly playing the Yukon bar mitzvah circuit. By early July, the Toronto-based artist found himself with two songs in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart—his own, “Best I Ever Had,” and YoungMoney’s “Every Girl,” on which he performs. So what did Drake do to celebrate? “I didn’t even know that happened,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t really take much time to relish the accolades.” After landing a role on the Canadian tv series Degrassi: The Next Generation at the age of 14, Aubrey Drake Graham quickly set his sights on a career in hip-hop. Music had always been a part of his f-amily life: His uncle Larry Graham played bass with Sly Stone and Prince, and his father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake’s parents divorced when he was five, and he was raised by his mom in the swanky -Forest Hill section of Toronto. After hearing one of Drake’s homemade mix tapes, Lil Wayne invited him down to Houston, and they made their first demo together. Since then, the 23-year-old Drake has collaborated with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and Jamie Foxx—all before releasing his first album. That debut, called Thank Me Later (Young Money Entertainment), is among the most hotly anticipated of 2010. “I’m not overwhelmed by what everyone else wants this first album to be—I’m overwhelmed by what I know I need it to be,” says Drake. “I just gotta keep going ’cause it’s so easy to lose your grasp on the game if you’re ever even blessed enough to get ahold of it. So I’m just kind of trying to keep things at the pace they’re moving at now.”

Photo above: Drake in New York, September 2009. Jacket: Nom De Guerre. Shirt: Paul Smith Jeans Red Ear. Tie: Paul Smith. Grooming Products: Kiehl’s Since 1851, including Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer. Fragrance: Paul Smith MAN. Styling: Andreas Kokkino. Grooming: Marcos Smith/Art Department. Special Thanks: Fast Ashleys.

Drake Ranks On MTV’s “Men Of Year Coutdown” 09′

Drake’s rise to superstardom was one of the biggest stories of 2009. From his humble beginnings as Jimmy Brooks on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” Drizzy (born Aubrey Graham) took the hip-hop world by storm, thanks to the success of his So Far Gone mixtape and subsequent partnership with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Drake collaborated with the biggest names in the game, was co-signed by everyone from Bun B to Kanye, and didn’t let a little thing like tearing the ligaments in his knee stop his climb. Grammy nominated, often-imitated, Drake came out of nowhere to lay the blueprint for success in ‘09. Now he knows G4 pilots on a first-name basis.

2009 Highlights: In February, he made his So Far Gone mixtape available for free on his MySpace page, and it all went nuts from there. Drake jumped on Lil Wayne’s I Am Music Tour soon after, and was quickly named a “Fire Starter” by MTV News’ Hip-Hop Brain Trust. Then, riding a wave of hype, he headlined a Hot 97 “Who’s Next Live” show at New York club SOB’s, wowing a crowd that included the likes of Eminem, Kanye West and Talib Kweli.

With fame came certified sex-symbol status, which meant whispers that he and Rihanna were an item (which he denied), and he tried to downplay it all by proclaiming himself not to be a ladies man, but rather, “An honest man.” Of course, it was kind of difficult to hear him over the throngs of squealing ladies who followed his every move. Continue reading

Drake’s So Far Gone Mixtape Makes Drake Rookie Of The Year…

If Drake is not a household name for everyone just yet, the 23-year-old is on the front porch, ringing the bell. That he’s done it without even putting out an official album shows just how far he’s come in 12 months. What a journey it’s been for the Toronto native in 2009.

I first met Drake last year in Los Angeles around Grammy time. Lil Wayne’s co-manager Cortez Bryant introduced me to Drake as a new “singer” that they were working with. Drizzy was cool but barely spoke: At the time, there was no way I’d envision him as having a shot at making the MTV News’ “Hottest MCs in the Game” list, let alone finishing in the top three. He was a “singer,” right? Continue reading

Drake Wins Two Billboard Awards

Drake stays rising as Billboards release that drake has won two billboard awards. It’s that time where the Billboards count up the number of sales, streaming and radio play for different artist, and Drake came out on top having the hot rap song of the year “Best I Ever Had” and top new hiphop/r&b artist of the year. Aubrey Drake Graham has already achieved all this and still hasn’t released his first album!

In other news, I’ve updated DrizzyDrake gallery with a couple more pictures of Drake, so go ahead and check them out. New tab at the top of the page has been added named “Archive”. You can now looks through old post or randomly choose a post to read from the random section.

2009 Billboards

Best I Ever Had Number 1

Billboards 2009 Drake

It’s that time of the year; all the year-end awards are declared by Billboard. Drake won two awards, Hot Rap Song of the year for “Best I Ever Had” and Top New HipHop/R&B Artist of the Year. He is also listed in some other charts that you can peep below (but they don’t make any top 10s). Billboard Charts are calculated using custom formulas collecting sales, streaming and radio play. Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers don’t.