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Drake’s Aaliyah Album Is Going To Be “Awesome”

Lil Wayne fully supports Drake‘s ambitions to co-produce a new Aaliyah album and actually thinks it’s going to be “Awesome”!

Lil Wayne thinks the late Aaliyah’s music is better than a lot of music out today — and he’s confident that Drake’s plan to produce unreleased Aaliyah songs will be an “awesome collaboration.”

Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who produced most of Aaliyah’s music, are not involved, and DMX, who co-starred with Aaliyah in the movie “Romeo Must Die” and recorded a song with her, has been critical of the project.

Lil Wayne said he hasn’t heard any negative feedback, and added when he first heard that his Young Money protégé was a part of the project, his first thought was: “Good move.”

“Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it’s always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans — you know what I mean?” he said in a recent interview. “Drake’s a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that. It’s an awesome collaboration. Her music is still awesome. It’s still better than a lot of music out right now,” he said.

Do you agree with what Lil Wayne said about Aaliyah’s music, and how do you feel about Drake’s Aaliyah album?

Miss Elliot and Timbaland Address Drake’s Aaliyah Album (Video)

Missy Elliot and Timbaland have finally commented on Drake’s Aaliyah album on Power 105.1. Watch what they have to say concerning the album and more below.

“I can say this, nobody has reached out to me. It’s not even about reaching out to me, I personally want to respect her family. If her mother or father or brother hasn’t said they want to make an Aaliyah album. Yeah, we still mourn, but not the way this family (does). So until they come and say Missy and Tim we’re ready to do an Aaliyah album, we just pull back from it.”

Aaliyah Ft Drake – Enough Said Lyrics

[Intro: Aaliyah]
Cause I, ooooh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah

[Verse 1: Aaliyah]
I can tell you something
But you tell me do you wanna talk about, talk about
You say you got a lot on your mind, sit down lets talk about it (talk about)
I hate to see you feel this way
So tell me what can I do to make it better for you
Make it better for you babe

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
(Yea wassup)

[Verse 2: Aaliyah]
Baby tell me what I gotta do to get you to talk about (talk about)
Cause we’ve been together a little too long for you not to talk about
So tell me what you would like me to do, to help you, help me, help you
Cause I don’t really want to tell you without you

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah
Tell me why…


[Verse 2: Drake]
Went from my nigga serving it by the tele
To venues in Manchester just swerving with Balotelli
The fuck are you trying to tell me?
Bothers me when you got to play therapist
That shit’s embarrassin’
They even bring up these niggas make the comparison
They just got to forgive me, this watch is a 150
Still ain’t got the time for a bitch to be acting iffy
Running through the city with niggas I’d give a kidney
Selling under 150 you niggas gotta be kidding
Is this even still a discussion?
Don’t you ever wake up disgusted?
Every million I gain an enemy or a cousin
And people’s feelings have changed ever since I became somethin’
Girls that becoming ladies
And my friends are having babies
And babies are dropping dead in my city
This shit is crazy
And I don’t know if speaking on it helps
This the shit that’s on my mind I just keep it to myself
You know

Can’t you talk to me
Lets talk about it, talk about it
Tell me what you need
Just tell me baby, tell me baby


Came too far to give up
Gotta try, cause I can’t do it on my own
Can’t you talk to me
Tell me what you need
Can’t you talk to me
Tell me what you need

DJ Drama Chimes In On Drake’s Aaliyah Posthumous Project

DJ Drama stopped by LA Leakers for an interview, and among the many things they talked about, Drama dropped news on Drake & 40 co-executive producing Aaliyah‘s posthumous album, Mixtape Weezy, and the OVO fest that had just past last weekend. DJ Drama is excited for the development of the Aaliyah project, in which he had nothing but good things to say about “Enough Said“. Watch the entire clip below.

Drake Speaks On Aaliyah Project & OVO Fest

T-Rexx from MuchMusic caught up with Drake after his OVO Fest performance in which they talked about his Aaliyah collaboration “Enough Said” and OVO Fest. Drake tells T-Rexx that he has an upcoming Aaliyah project on the way, which he’ll be working on with Noah “40” Shebib. Watch the interview below to get the inside scoop.

Drake Tattoo’d Aaliyah’s Face On His Back

Drake takes his love for Aaliyah to a new level by tattooing her face to his back. A few photos surfaced today of Drake playing tennis with some of his friends. Someone took a couple photos of them playing tennis as well as a back shot of Drake’s back (supposedly) with an Aaliyah’s face tattoo of the left side with wings above her head. Drake’s has made numerous references of Aaliyah in his music and even a letter her wrote to her:

“Dear Dana,” Drake begins, referring to the singer by her middle name. “I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I remember getting the news that you had passed and it connected with my heart like a clean shot from Muhammad Ali. I was crushed.”

Drake is the one with the white headband on his head and we also have a picture of the photo the tat was referenced from. What you guys think?