Thank Me Later Review: Drake’s Album Isn’t Perfect

Thank Me Later Review: Drake’s Album Isn’t Perfect

I feel sorry for Drake. I really do. I mean, this kid came out a few years ago and was the toast of the Hip Hop town. Everyone loved his mixtapes, guys quoted his punches and praised his ear for beats, and females dug the singy-song thing he had going on. Then to top it off, he had Lil’ Wayne (only the largest artist of the last two years) in his corner.

He was in the most envious position of any new artist in history. HISTORY. But you’d know NONE of this if you were on twitter the day his album leaked. He was getting trashed left and right. I was really astounded by how few people were feeling the album. I couldn’t understand it at all. But this is nothing new. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. Fans turn on artists quicker than they can take a shower and change their draws. The only flaw in the logic of these fans (and I use the term loosely) is “Thank Me Later” wound up being an improvement over “So Far Gone”, the mixtape that shot Drake into superstardom.

Written by STRIGGITY

Let’s be clear, tho. This album isn’t perfect, nor do I think it’s close to being the “classic” that a lot of people were hoping for. While “Find Your Love” is a great example of what Drake can do when he’s not rapping, “Shut It Down” and “Karaoke” are great examples of what can go wrong. Those songs are not really fun to listen. “Shut It Down” fails because it also features The Dream, a dude who ain’t exactly the best singer on the planet. So now we have two dudes who can’t really sing trying to sing a full, 7 minute R&B song. Do. Not. Want.

But the album definitely has some high points. “Fancy” is the best song, easily. Swizz gives Drake an awesome beat, T.I. kinda steals the show with his guest appearance, and there’s a very pleasant change up midway through that I wasn’t expecting. “Show Me A Good Time”, produced by Kanye West, needs to be a single like yesterday. Drake shouldn’t have had Jay on the album because “Light’s Up” really underscores the one problem with him as an artist: he’s just an OK rapper. He’s not bad (not even close), but he’s not super nice either. He’ll spit a dope line here and there but for the most part, it’s straight forward, and his patterns never surprise you. In the grand scheme of things, an ear for dope beats, a good delivery and lines that aren’t wack are enough to carry you in this business, and Drake will do just fine for himself. But when you’re looking to be in the elite class of emcees, you have to impress people. I think “Thank Me Later” is a good album, but not really good enough to impress anyone. And with the short attention span of today’s “fans”, that’s where Drake will feel the sting.

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  • Ran$om

    GTFOH Shut it down has got to be one of the most solid tracks on the cd…fancy close to one of the worst…im not rocking with this review

  • anon

    Gotta agree with Ran$om, i don’t like fancy either, and i like karaoke.
    rest of the review i agree with though

  • Drizzy Look-Alike

    lol wtf is this guy talkin about? drake doesnt sing the whole thing. he also raps in it. i like both fancy and shut it down.
    this guy has sum negativity in all this. The Dream is loved by a LOT of ppl

  • back talk

    This dude crazy.
    I give fancy a 1 in a 0 to 10 scale.
    Shut it down was not a bad song at all, and don’t call it “singing” call it “vybing” because that’s exactly what drake as an artist has. His music has a great vibe to it including that he has good words/thoughts to go along with it. Karaoke has a greats vibe/sound.
    I’m going to give a great guess, and I’m sure this author was born in a different generation of music and sound. Well I welcome you to the future buddy!
    Classic album and there’s nothing wrong with autotune. Amen.

  • jastie

    wow , like ransom sed… GTFOH. you dont what your talking about. everything you said was all negative feedback, which you should just keep to yourself, cus im sure many people disagree with you. drakes album is a classic. i havent bought a cd since i was like 9. and every cent i payed for that was worth it, i would of payed more. and i also agree with ->back talk.

  • Real Rap

    back talk said it all. This is a classic. Thats why he called it thank me later. Cause alot of yall wont get what this album is until later. This is mood music, like back talk said vibe music. Man shut it down is crazy!! I feel what he is saying. Fire works is also a classic. This whole album is a breath of fresh air. I’m sick of hearing the same shit. And the funny thing is I’m not really a big drake fan. I’m a fan of good music, and this is it!

  • Bino Bacerno

    Drakes the best and u just a fucking hater