Drake Take Care Album Review In-Depth

Drake Take Care Album Review In-Depth


It’s that time of year again to write up a killer review for another one of Drake’s albums, so let’s jump right in. From all the hype swelling up for this album, the bar was set pretty high and from the beginning of the year this was the album to anticipate/beat. I’m not going to say this album was way better than “Watch the Throne” or even “Cole World: Sideline Story”, but after listening through it a dozen times front to back, I CAN say that it has lived up to expectations and it is better than those other two.

There’s probably going to be a lot of haters talking sh*t about how soft Drake has got, and the usual garbage that comes out their mouth, but…

Let’s breakdown each track for what it is now…

1. Over My Dead Body
The start of this album starts off with a soothing vibe right from the jump, almost preparing you for what’s to come. Drake goes on to tell you how he killed it last year, and how he thought he found his girl last year at a stripper club (Maliah). Haters thought his sophomore album wasn’t going to come through, but to him it’s been that way from the beginning, and it seems like he’s still on top despite all the talk. Great song choice to introduce you to the new Drake; he really does have a new swag perpetuating from him.

2. Shot For Me
This track is actually pretty funny; Drake’s talking about his old girl is mad at him because their new man doesn’t do it like him. Basically everything he used to do for his girl back in the day, she is looking for and she really can’t find it. “The way you walk that’s me” Drake made his old females into the women there are today. This is crazy, because if you are a guy you would definitely vibe with this, when you see your old girl and you see things that she does because of you, like her talk, her walk, the sexy things you told her, have become a habit for her. Take a shot for me.

3. Headlines
This song is definitely played a lot, but not played out. The fact is, this is just a feel good bounce, order some bottles in the club and salute lol. The verses on this song are great and is definitely a club banger. Drake brings a confidence to this song that sounds like I made it and making headlines.

4. Crew Love
The Weeknd knows how to make a song sound good. Drake and The Weeknd know how to make tracks together, I guess that’s why they call, “OVOXO your girl at my next show”. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of Drake’s crew, taking $50,000 vacations, going to a club with 20 deep… That’s boss shit right there. Drizzy takes cares of his crew, and I don’t blame him because like he said, most of these industry cats ain’t what they seem.

5. Take Care
This song is just good. I love the melody in the background. Rihanna and Drake rock this track on a island feel vibe, like you in the Caribbean. This is going to be a club banger once the clubs get it; add a techno beat on top of it and you’ll be dancing the night away with Riri & Drizzy.

6. Marvins Room
This song hit the radio waves this summer and was a perfect night cap type joint. I’m sure many guys have been in this position where they called up their old girl after a night of partying, because they know they still want her. Call it jealously, call it missing your old boo, this is that reminisce track that got you wondering about what could have been. Overall, he delivers with the vibe of the beat.

7. Buried Alive (Interlude) ft. Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar is one of those dudes you need to keep an eye on; he’s got some sick word play. Great move on adding him to the album Drizzy.

8. Underground Kings
You bouncing and bobbing the minute his verse hits with this track. Drake comes in strong and confident on Underground Kings. He goes in to tell you about his story a bit, and how he got to where he is now. It’s nice the way he twangs the end of a couple words he says; adds a nice change to the song.

9. We’ll Be Fine
Drake kills it with the heavy bass. The flow of this track is mad chill; I can definitely feel some roots from his older EP So Far Gone. Drake has a new set of problems he has to deal with that include jealousy, buying a new condo, and having your girl in line around the corner. These are problems any one would probably would like to have lol. This is a self banger; something you could probably jam to in your whip while cruising around the block.

10. Make Me Proud
This is a ladies track. The beat is definitely nice, and the word play Drake produces is flattering and sexy for the females. This song reminded me of “Fancy” because it’s another one of those tracks that Drake shows his appreciation for the opposite sex. Good song, and Nicki is a plus, but I think she could’ve of done better with her verse.

11. Lord Knows
When I first played this track I thought I was about to enter church, but as Drake spilled his verse on the beat, my thoughts changed. Drake goes crazy on his lyrical flow for this verse. If you really listen to what he’s saying, he goes hard. Rick Rozay shows his presence on the beat which was a good addition. I think Rick Ross adds that Boss feel to it.

12. Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude)
This track is split into two, cameras is a slow beat that just bounces. The morale of the story is that the camera lies sometimes, so it’s better not to believe everything you see. “I am me, I am me, I thought you knew about the team”. Good Ones Go, is about having someone in the palm of your hand, but not realizing what you have until there with someone their happy with. Everyone has probably been through this experience in their life.

13. Doing It Wrong ft. Stevie Wonder
The realest song on Drake’s new album… This is deep. There’s so many things going on in this song; the emotions portrayed in the lyrics are pure and honest. “Cry if you need to, but I can’t stay to watch you, that’s the wrong thing to do.” The hardest thing to do is to walk away from something you know you should walk away from, but the emotions are creating conflict in your mind of what’s right. Drake hit this song dead center, from the tone, the beat, the feel…bliss.

14. The Real Her ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
Heard this song without the Andre 3000 verse and it was good then, but Andre 3000 caps it off pretty nice. Drake’s album is more slow RnB feel more than anything, it’s almost like he paused his “It’s Never Enough” mixtape, but didn’t get off the vision though. Take Care seems to be a mixture of his thoughts for the mixtape mixed with the new.

15. HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)
Drake is becoming more versatile with his styles. Ever since there were those allegations of Drake coping off other peoples styles, Drake has been putting in work make his flows more diversified. Lil Wayne does a good job on this track and the chorus is pretty catchy, but I don’t have much to say about this song. It’s good.

16. Look What You’ve Done
This is Drake’s tribute to his mother. Drake touches on how he tries to convince his mother to quit smoking and arguments that they had. The absence of Drake’s father in his life seems to be a touchy subject to him. He goes on to say that she knows the buttons to push to get to him. This song Aubrey Drake Graham strays away from the persona of Drake and goes back to his roots and speaking through the mic to his loved ones. Good stuff.

17. Practice
Drake’s version of back that ass. He throws his spin on it, and it’s good, but probably more of a female favorite. I wouldn’t skip it, but it’s familiar with some of the lyrics from Juvenile. I like all original Drake verse more than anything, so each their own.

18. The Ride (Feat. The Weeknd)
Interesting beat on this track. I got to admit that his last verse was pretty interesting and worth a listen. The Weeknd does a good job on the background vocals. Drake just did his thing on the verses and it went pretty well. One line that cracked me up was, “Bitches smiling at ya, it must be happy hour.” Ain’t that the truth!

19. The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne)
This song is just cool. The beat is just gansta poppin’. Drake’s vibe is just, “I’m kickin’ it”; Drake basically is saying he’s the fucking man in this song. Lil Wayne came in pretty nice too. Overall both Drake and Lil Wayne did the beat justice.


Drake’s music is always the type of music that you really need to digest to appreciate. The first time you hear a track shouldn’t be when you make your judgments, but just a reaction. Take a listen again and really figure out what he’s trying to tell you. Drake conveys a lot of emotions throughout his music, which has a way of connecting and relating with many individuals. Some of these dudes out here only talk about the material things, and material things are nice, but sometimes you want to feel like you got to know a person while listening to their music, and Drake does a good job of letting you understand where he’s coming from. There’s going to be haters, but like Drake said, “His music aren’t for the ones that ain’t getting p*ssy”.

I’m done with my review, Take Care available on Amazon and iTunes.

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  • D Latricre B

    i believe in the whole u have to digest his music because its not the average niggas music. hes like the will smith of our time many wont admit they like him but listen to him in secret. i think hes creative n i will always push for the under dog because the business is corrupted

  • tilili

    Agreed with everything said here! But I would agree with it MORE if its grammar was more correct!!!! :) 

  • Axel11394

    Look what you’ve done isnt to his mom, its to his aunt.

    • Guest

      no the first verse is to his mother. listen to when he says “it’s like ’09 in your basement”. Back in ’09 he lived in his mom’s basement. the second verse i heard is about his uncle. but im definitely sure that the first verse is about his mom.

  • Drake is just someone who I can relate too….his music since day 1 and I mean to the days when he released HeartBreak Drake 1,2,3 + 4 to So Far Gone which is one of my bestest Albums made…to officially making it with Thank Me Later and now Take Care….He keeps going and going and I love Drake and one day I will be coming to TO to see you perform live…..

    Big up Drake your one in a million and I relate to your music which you are real and you speak real shit and none of that fake shit….I believe in you….

    Lust for Life! Thats all I am trying to do…..

  • just come to belgium drake! or i have to come to you!!

  • Yasir_uk10

    Not a very good review, you never touched properly on Drake’s utter genius for lyrical power, this review was submitted way too early, real albums not out, and i was working on a review and would be much better, sorry I’m dissapointed who says ‘turd’ in a review, seriously….

  • Yasir_uk10

    “It’s that time of year again to write up a killer review for another one of Drake’s albums”. Another one? He’s only had 2, Take Care and Thank Me Later, wtf man.

  • H Hatch48

    Hate this review who ever wrote it can suck a dick
    Talkin about some this anit better tha Watch the Throne or corny ass JCole
    This is album blows those albums out the water

    (respect to Jay nd yezzy) but this album can’t get any better if it tryed

  • Cindis Bonilla

    Drake a genius at work this album is going to be his best yet and I love the way he sings and raps and I’m on TeamDrizzy 

  • nickAlowe313

    Will the bonus songs be on a deluxe edition in stores? Or can you only get them on iTunes?