Drake Thank Me Later Review, “Everything Sounds The Same”

Drake Thank Me Later Review, “Everything Sounds The Same”

I’ve been a huge Drake fan before he was Drake, when he was just Jimmy… yes even before he was “Wheel Chair Jimmy.” I remember pivotal moments in my youth where I would look at Jimmy on Degrassi and think I wanted to have the same relationship that him and Ashley had, and how his mixed hair was so cute. I feel responsible for putting a lot of people onto Drake because when I heard his first mixtape Room For Improvement, I was like dang, Jimmy can flow too. Then I listened to Comeback Season, and I was like gosh he’s sick, plus he had to stamp of approval from Phonte (Little Brother one of my favorite groups), plus Elzhi from Slum Village and Dwele. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll educate you now, here’s Drake, “Think Good Thoughts,” probably my favorite Drake song of all time aside from “Come Winter” from Room For Improvement.

Written by Rawemag

Then everyone got into Drake with So Far Gone, and his affiliation with Young Money, securing love and hate which is inevitable as an artist—he even got love from some heavy weights in hip-hop: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timberland and etc, plus Lykke Li. With that being said, his debut album Thank Me Later, is entering stores June 15th but it’s leaked already and I’m guilty of downloading it—I really will buy it just because I support his work ethic, but I will say I had much higher hopes for this album.

When the official track listing for the album leaked a couple of weeks ago I was like this is going to be dope. He has production from his long time producer 40 who is responsible for some of our favorite Drake songs, then he has Kanye West, Swizz Beats, and Timberland just to name a few. Musically the album delivers but I think the first thing that disturbs me with the project is the fact that he attempts to fuse rap with singing too much and clearly he’s not Phonte. I think if he balanced it out more like vocals and rap on songs 5-10 and just rapping on the others, or just chorus on the others or something it would have worked better then it does. I admit he has a nice voice and he raps well… but it’s kind of too much because you’re repetitively hearing the same thing. I can’t necessarily figure out the direction he was trying to take with the project either. He told Complex magazine in an interview that the focus of the album is solid hip-hop but its not.

Another thing about the album that kind of sucks is they leaked out songs to fast and now the complete album is out. I’m not sure who does this so don’t quote me, but I just wish his people I’ll call them, would have kept his music tighter because by time the album leaked I already had, “Shut It Down” featuring The Dream, “Fireworks,” featuring Alicia Keys, “Light Up” Featuring Jay-Z, “Find Your Love,” “Miss Me” featuring Lil Wayne, and I had heard a snippet of “Up all Night,” featuring Nicki Minaj so by time the album leaked nothing was ultra new—so just imagine if you wait for two weeks it’d be a mess.

As far as the good with the album, there’s some dope songs in a sea of oversaturated singles. There’s “Cece’s Interlude,” which completely makes me believe Cece is badder then Bria. I like the beat on this song, plus his voice and the lyrics. “I wish I wasn’t famous/ I wish I was still in school/ so that I could have you in my dorm room/ I would put it on you, crazy.”

“Fireworks” with Alicia Keys is pretty dope too, they make good collaborations – “Unthinkable” for her, it’s like the feed well off each other. Plus, I love the beat of this song like how its so simplicistic and airy, plus he’s not singing which gives the song a different vibe from everything else featured on the album.

“Shut It Down” featuring The Dream is a dope song, but I think I like this song a lot because I like The Dream, plus I heard this song months ago so it grew on me really. This song with the lyrics, and the beat, and the duo make a pretty solid song.

“Unforgettable,” featuring Jeezy is a solid track too RIP Aaliyah. Other songs I like are “Thank Me Now,” “Light Up” featuring Jay-Z and “Resistance.”

Overall, I’d say if you are a Drake fan like myself, maybe you should still buy it? But honestly, it’s not what I expected. Everyone is saying “the ladies will love it,” like WTF, because we have different anatomy do we not know good music? I wish the album had more variety essentially everything sounds the same or like a continuous song at different stages or the songs from So Far Gone, that didn’t make the cut. I wish he was more hip-hop, or more r&B but the mixing and merging of both is slightly annoying. I still think your cute Drake, and I still think even with this leaking he’ll still sell well on that day especially since N.E.R.D got pushed back, it’s really only him and Curren$y coming out that day, so we’ll see.

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