Drake Thank Me Later Review, “Not Bad For A Debut”

Drake Thank Me Later Review, “Not Bad For A Debut”

I guess Drake is pretty big these days. I was talking about Drake on this blog AGES before he blew up. I am not bragging either – I lived in Toronto at the time and had my ear to the streets…and by streets I mean the internets. So I heard and was following this guy before So Far Gone really launched him into the “next best thing”

I probably played So Far Gone more than any album last year. I know it was just a mixtape but it still got played more than any actual retail album I heard.

Written by Ted Payne

Here is my concern about Thank Me Later – I don’t care what people say – Drake can spit. Period. But will he? Will this album be introspective like his song Fear? Will he kill the raps like he did on Comeback Season? Will he reach a healthy balance between spitting fire and singing like on So Far Gone? Or is this just a complete stab at commercial success and it will be full of 14 “Best I Ever Had’s”?

Let’s find out…

***Disclaimer***: This is literally my first impressions of the album…very first. I come back in a years time and update my thoughts after having let the album listen – so please don’t lose your mind if I dislike your fav track..it may grow on me. This is also a pretty early leak – I wonder since it is so early if he will change it up at all before the retail drops.

1. Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys) – Hmm Alicia had hook of the year on that Jay-Z joint last year – she starts the song off and sounds good. Production has a real So Far Gone feel. This is good.

2. Karaoke – Started out cool – there is a weird sound that could have been left off the beat – the one that sounds like an 8 Bit video game explosion. Did someone just throw an enemy into a garbage can in Streets of Rage II.

3. The Resistance – This has the same vibe as So Far Gone thus far – album has a lot of Kanye influence. I don’t have the production list but I bet this is a Kanye beat…maybe Boi 1da.

4. Over – I have actually heard this song and like it already. I know some people complained about the hook – while I find it a bit long I actually like it. Seems honest to m, a good look at how Drake is viewing things these days. This song reminds me a bit of that Forever joint.

5. Show Me A Good Time – Annoying vocal sample…some deep 808’s come in – queue Drakes singing. I am not sure this will be one of my fav songs on the album. Wait a sec, the annoying vocal sample drops during his actual verses – this is pretty dope actually.

6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj) – This beat is a bit darker – still right in the So Far Gone vein though. This is a good “F You” to all of the people that hate on Drake. Un-apologetically waiving his success in peoples faces…is it cocky? yeah. But if you have ever dealt with a bunch of people doubting you – you would feel this way too IMO. I would rather Nicki Minaj not be on this track.

7. Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz) – Is this a Swizz beats beat? Sometimes he just does hooks (which is stupid because dude is ANNOYING). If he did this beat – good job. It is more of his soulish production and less like his beep boop Im a lame robot shit beats. This is dope so far – TI sounds great on this. Welcome back Tip!

8. Shut It Down (feat. The Dream) – I thought of So Far Gone instantly – this beat definitely has that feel. I thought I would find this a bit soft for my tastes. But the end of this song is already getting stuck in my head. At least with tracks like this you and your girlfriend can both enjoy the album. I know this will grow on me.

9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy) – This caught me off guard – when I saw Jeezy was on it, I thought this would go HARD. That said I love the production on this. Cool laid back beat, with the airy female vocals. Im still tripping at Jeezy on a “love song” but it works.

10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z) – My favourite rapper with the guest appearance – I hope this is fire. This is good too – so far not a song I don’t like. If you liked/loved So Far Gone there is no reason you won’t like this. Best Jay-Z verse in a minute too.

11. Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne) – Another song I had heard – well a snippet of…dope. This is a good song – kind of song you play when you wake up – energizes you. Love the line “DRAKE means do right, and kill everything”. The 4 or so bars dedicated to the Niki Minaj proposal – weird Drake. I hadn’t heard Lil Wayne verse before – though I caught some Slick Rick lines there but I’ll know more when I go back and listen more.

12. Cece’s Interlude – Not for me

13. Find Your Love – On very first listen uhhhhhh I dunno about this. Kind of sounds like a throw away beat from that Kanyes 808s joint. I was scared the whole album might sound like this so I can handle one or two tracks like this. I have no prob with Drakes singing – wish he would sing hooks and still rap on the verses – but that is personal preference.

14. Thank Me Now – Nothing new here – if you like Drake you like this song. If you like Drake you like this album.

Well Drake had no problem getting some great guests. You get some Kanye and Timbo tracks…AND he gets Jay-Z, TI, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Miss Keyes for guest appearances! Not bad for a debut – someone wants this kid to succeed.

Overall on a first listen this is solid and will probably grow on me a lot. This will get a lot of burn from me. So Far Gone was so well accepted this should be the same. The only downside I can see is if you are sick of Drakes style – he doesn’t bring a lot new to the table since So Far gone. For me it is no problem – I love it.

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