Thank Me Later Fan Review

Over All Rating: 9.5

Drake’s Thank Me Later i can predict is going to make alot of money. This album will bring him the respect he deserves. This album sounds like his 4th or 5th album. Sounds like he has alot of experience. i’m very impressed and can’t wait for the next album. This Album is an album more than one age can listen too. it’s going to be many people’s soundtrack for the summer.This Album is going to put Drake where he deserves to be, the top!

Ashley Gonzalez, San Francisco,CA

  • Fireworks: This song is the perfect way to start the album its amazing and the collaboration blows my mind. Track Rating: 10
  • Karaoke: This song is a little slow but the rapping is deep with is not a surprise with drake and i love the story in the song because it feels so real. nice slow jam. Track Rating: 9
  • The Resistant: This song has an amazing control over my heart. the beat makes you feel what drake’s saying.this is perfect song for a warm summer night. A night to think and chill.and the fact that he brings his real life into his songs like his grandma makes you really able to connect with him. I’m impressed. Track Rating: 10
  • Over: This is a powerful song. puts a lot of inspiration into you. makes you feel like the worlds is at your feet, when you might not have shit. This is a song you can gig too and also find inspiration. Track Rating: 10
  • Show Me A Good Time: The intro is a little different for drake but i’m glad hes trying new shit. the song has a good beta that makes you interesting in the song. And drake is talking about females which is a big part of his life so it just shows he keeps his life into his music. Track Rating: 9
  • Up all night: This song has an amazing rap. it’s drake giving himself props without getting too cocky. This is a good song to blast with all your windows down in the summer. and nicki breaks it down and it makes a great collaboration. one of my favorites Track Rating: 10
  • Fancy: This is song is very different, like always drake’s rap is amazing but i dont now if the collaboration is so great and the chorus doesn’t really fit the song. this is still a cool song but it’s not one of my favorites. Track Rating: 7
  • Shut It Down: This song is a great slow song or what i call “a baby making song” it flows well and it’s just the type of song to put someone in the mood. thanks to drake there are going to be alot of pregnant females. hahahaha great sex song. Track Rating: 10
  • Unforgettable: The female aspect puts a good tone on the song. the rap s almost poetic and it just makes you wanna listen to it over and over. its a really chill song with a meaning. and jeezy did his thang. It was good. Track Rating: 9
  • Light up: I like the instrumental part in the song. the beat is slow but memorable. I like the collaboration with jay Z. the rapping is great and this is going to be a hit. Track Rating: 10
  • Miss me: This is one of my favorite songs on the album. Lil wayne and drake killed this track. once again drake raps like no other and wayne does too. its a great song that many men can relate too. and i love the chorus. Amazing song. Track Rating: 10
  • Cece’s Interlude: This song is slow but its cool. it’s kinda hard to like it automatically. i had to listen to it a couple of times. its cool but a little to slow my taste. Track Rating: 7
  • Find your love: This song has a great beat and its a song you can dance too. Ilike the Jamaican feel to the song. and the chorus and hooks are awesome. this is a straight hit. its different then drake regular music but its great.Track Rating: 10
  • Thank Me Now: This song has a beat that slaps and it speaks about real issues. its a great way to end the album. Track Rating: 9
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