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Stunting Quotes By Drake

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And I met your baby moms last night. We took a picture together, I hope she frames it. And I was drinking at the Palms last night. And ended up losing everything that I came with. — Drake

How you feel? How you feel? How you feel? 25 sittin on 25 mill. — Drake

We doin it big. Look at what I done. Look at where I’m is. It’s only just begun. — Drake

I’m still pullin out the phantom and these haters can’t stand me nigga I’m still doing my thing. — Drake

I just bought a Lambourghini, I’m not even into racing with a windshield full of tickets cause I live right by the station. — Drake

I am spending much more than I’m making on these cars and these vacations, is that too much information? — Drake

Every time you see me I look like I hit the lotto twice. — Drake

I drive two black cars, I named em Malcolm X and Martin Luther. — Drake

Bitch I got money to blow, gettin it in. Lettin these bills fall over your skin. — Drake

Damn where my roof just go? Top slipped off like Janet at the Super Bowl. — Drake

I’m on my Disney shit, Goofy flow. On records I’m Captain Hook and my new car is Rufio. — Drake

So she wonders where my mind is, accounts in the minus, and yet I role around the fucking city like ya highness. — Drake

Baby you’re my everything, you’re all I ever wanted, we can do it real big, bigger than you’ve ever done it. — Drake

The same niggas I ball with, I fall with — Drake

I swear niggas be eyein me all hard and lyin to they girls and drivin the same cars — Drake

Private flights back home, no stop-over — Drake

Burn bread every day boy, no toaster — Drake

Just call me ‘Shoppin Bag Drizzy’. And call me ‘Mr Damn, He Aint Coppin That Is He?’ — Drake

In person I am everything and more. I’m everywhere these other niggas never been before. — Drake

Havin lunch and debatin Ferrari prices. 23 and goin through a midlife crisis. — Drake

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