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Self Perception Quotes By Drake

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They say I’m old news. Well who the new star? Cause if I’m goin anywhere it’s probably too far. — Drake

Are these people really discussing my career again? Asking if I’ll be going platinum in a year again? Don’t I got the shit the world wanna hear again? Don’t Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring in? — Drake

Yeah I’m the truth, that’s right I fuckin said it. The living proof that you aint gotta die to get to heaven. — Drake

I’m the fuckin man. Yall don’t get it, do ya? Type of money everybody acting like they knew ya. — Drake

I can show you new things, have you feeling spiritual. — Drake

Finally here, Imma star with the timing. My swagger is chill and my flow is reclining. — Drake

Nigga, I’m the man. I sent yo girl a message said I see you when I can. She sent me one back but I aint never read it. Cause pussies only pussy and I get it when I need it. — Drake

Universe is just a verse of me, I keep it generic and the niggas take it personally. — Drake

If I’m in ya starting five you will never need a sub and I’m never looking down, so I always know what’s up. — Drake

If amazing was a young bitch, I’d be going to jail cause I’m fucking amazing. — Drake

I do it for the love. Bunk bed flow, always one level above. — Drake

Take a look at yourself, the mirror’s revealing. If yeen got it, yeen got it the theory is brilliant. — Drake

I’m more than just an option. — Drake

Drake just stands for Do Right And Kill Everything — Drake

I am more than what you bargained for and nothin less than real. — Drake

I’m somebody that you should know. — Drake

Guess what? I made it. I’m the muthafuckin man. I just want you to see. — Drake

I am what everybody in my past don’t want me to be — Drake

What I set seems to never extinguish — Drake

With a canvas I’m a group of seven. A migraine, take two Excedrin. — Drake

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