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Materialistic Quotes By Drake

Kush rolled, glass full, I prefer the better things. — Drake

Damn where my roof just go? Top slipped off like Janet at the Super Bowl. — Drake

It’s hard to think of them polite flows when Stephano Polato suits are your night clothes, and Jordan sweat suits are your flight clothes, and you still make it even when they say your flight closed. — Drake

You be up on everything, other hoes aint ever on it — Drake

Just call me ‘Shoppin Bag Drizzy’. And call me ‘Mr Damn, He Aint Coppin That Is He?’ — Drake

Even when the Phantom’s leased, them hoes wanna get in. — Drake

Havin lunch and debatin Ferrari prices. 23 and goin through a midlife crisis. — Drake

I’m shuttin shit down at the mall and tellin every girl she the one for me. And I aint even plannin to call. I want this shit forever. — Drake

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