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Haters Quotes By Drake

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I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that. — Drake

Fuck it, me and Nicki Nick gettin married today. And all you bitches that be hatin can catch the bouquet. — Drake

Never pay attention to the rumors and what they assume — Drake

Hate the rumors, hate your bullshit, hate these fuckin allegations — Drake

I am what everybody in my past don’t want me to be — Drake

Got niggas reacting without a sinus cause what I’m working with is timeless. — Drake

Sittin there wishin their problems became ours, cause we have nothin in common since I done became star. — Drake

I swear niggas be eyein me all hard and lyin to they girls and drivin the same cars — Drake

But you could miss me with all that, diss me then crawl back. I really wish yall would fall back, but gettin rich suppose to solve that. — Drake

They tryna shoot down my flight before it lands — Drake

Imma kill it I promise this, I know you mad. — Drake

Fans of these freshmen is about to get iffy while this youngin that you doubted is about to get busy. — Drake

Take my verses too serious ya hate me, cause I’m the one to paint a vivid picture, no HD. — Drake

Started off local but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first name basis. — Drake

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