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Haters Quotes By Drake

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They say I’m old news. Well who the new star? Cause if I’m goin anywhere it’s probably too far. — Drake

Oh you wanna be a muhfuckin funny guy? Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy. — Drake

We’ve been living on a high, they’ve been talking on the low. But it’s cool, know you heard it all before. — Drake

Don’t listen to the lies, I swear they all lies. You know I could be your knight in shining Armor All tires. — Drake

Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time. — Drake

I can’t relate to these haters, my enemies never made it. — Drake

Truth over fame, you know I respect the blatant shit. When I hear em talkin, I just don’t know what to make of it. Hate is so familiar to me, I’m slowly embracing it. Doesn’t come natural, bear wit me it could take a bit. — Drake

Universe is just a verse of me, I keep it generic and the niggas take it personally. — Drake

I can’t hear the critics talking over the applause. — Drake

Emotions in this game run deep so before these haters kill me in my sleep I’d like to say, it’s been a pleasure. — Drake

Rappers are emotional. Critics be reviewin me. But I got love for everybody even if you’re suin me. — Drake

Fuck you pussy ass hater you should do you, you aint heard of me then you should go and get a Blue’s Clue. — Drake

They just give me head while the haters give me promo. — Drake

I’m a staple in my city, you can never ruin me. — Drake

And these haters pretending that it’s all good. Say that shit in person, man I wish yall would. — Drake

I’m like ‘fuck yall haters’ on behalf of me — Drake

I’ve been hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, but confronted by none. — Drake

I should call it a night, but fuck it I can’t resist: this one is for all the niggas from my city tryna diss. Without a response from me you really fail to exist and I love to see you fail, that feeling there is the shit. — Drake

The real is on the rise, fuck them other guys. — Drake

I’m still pullin out the phantom and these haters can’t stand me nigga I’m still doing my thing. — Drake

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