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Grinding Quotes By Drake

Cause I was stayin home when they was having fun. So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won. — Drake

Just know we grinding til it’s light out. Show up in your city, turn that muhfucker right out. — Drake

Drake just stands for Do Right And Kill Everything — Drake

Work som’, twerk som’ basis. She just tryna make it so she’s right here gettin naked. I don’t judge her-I don’t judge her. But I could never love her cause to her I’m just a rapper and soon she’ll have met another. — Drake

Money to be got and Imma get that shit — Drake

We all got dreams and we all star reaching — Drake

They always tell me nobody’s working as hard as you and even though I laugh it off man, it’s probably true. — Drake

She doesn’t ever worry, if she wants it she’ll get it on her own — Drake

Fans of these freshmen is about to get iffy while this youngin that you doubted is about to get busy. — Drake

I’m on a shoppin spree to get whatever is in store — Drake

Yeah I want it all, that’s why I strive for it — Drake

I get it I live it to me there’s nothin realer — Drake

You gotta own it if you want it — Drake

I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach. — Drake

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