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Diss Quotes By Drake

Oh you wanna be a muhfuckin funny guy? Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy. — Drake

Man all of your flows bore me, paint drying. — Drake

All those girls that played me eat your muthafuckin heart out. — Drake

Nigga, I’m the man. I sent yo girl a message said I see you when I can. She sent me one back but I aint never read it. Cause pussies only pussy and I get it when I need it. — Drake

Nick Cannon or Will never did it this ill. — Drake

This supposed to be yall year? We aint get the memo. — Drake

Take shots at em, I guess you could call it a parody. But compared to D, they one-fourth from watermelon to a quarter felon, dude you a pear to me. — Drake

The inside of my wallet is pasture(past your) green. — Drake

Yeen really have all that ass last month girl, what you got some shots in this muhfucka? — Drake

Worrying about your ole girl, tryna see if she’s mine. Nigga she’s with ME when she tells you she needs some ‘me time’. — Drake

Nigga peep the shit I’m wildin on. I be wit yo baby mama, you be wit yo child at home. — Drake

Oh that was your girl? I thought I recognized her. — Drake

Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it — Drake

But you could miss me with all that, diss me then crawl back. I really wish yall would fall back, but gettin rich suppose to solve that. — Drake

A lot of yall are still soundin like last year, the game need change and I’m the muhfuckin cashier. — Drake

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