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Advice Quotes By Drake

Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight. — Drake

Dying to meet your girlfriends that you said you might bring. If they’re the ones that tell you that you do the right thing. — Drake

I like a woman with a future and a past, a little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last. Don’t make it too easy, girl don’t take it too fast. — Drake

Don’t be impatient when it takes too long. Or drink it all even when it tastes to strong. — Drake

Better late than never but never late is better. They tell me time is money well we’ll spend it together. — Drake

Some things look better inside of the store. — Drake

Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending. — Drake

But I never get attracted to fans cause the eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam — Drake

It’s been a moment since I’ve done some public speaking. I find now-a-days it’s best to keep quiet. — Drake

He aint in your world you can take em off your atlas — Drake

You gotta own it if you want it — Drake

I’m urgin all daughters to kiss their mothers with those lips that all that lipstick covers. You never too grown up to miss and hug her. — Drake

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