YG Talks Collab Single “Who You Love” Featuring Drake (Video)

YG Talks Collab Single “Who You Love” Featuring Drake (Video)



YG is currently gearing up to release his debut album ‘My Krazy Life’. In recent interviews with both Complex and Revolt TV, he spoke about his upcoming collaboration with Drake.

YG currently did two different interviews where he touches on upcoming collaboration with Drake.

Complex Interview

That’s a quite a coup to get Drake on a song. How do you think he became aware of your music?
I feel like he probably was fucking with it so hard because he heard the shit. He was hearing about me on the West Coast, he’s out there a lot. All these little females that be fucking on me, they’re playing my shit. That’s how it happens most of the time. There’ll be artists from out of town that will move out there, and they’re living the life, having females over, and they ask, “Who the nigga out here?” And the females will tell you.

What is your favorite Drake song right now?
Right now, we off the whole album. I have a lot of sex to Drake shit, no homo. I be fucking my bitches to Drake shit.

Revolt TV Interview