Win A Chance To See Drake Live Contest!

Win A Chance To See Drake Live Contest!


MuchMusic, Rogers & Blackberry are putting together a contest for YOU to see Drake Live in NYC at Radio City Music Hall. History will be made! Note that you must be a Canadian, 18+ & a Rogers Wireless customer.

Enter by September 14th. Click here to sign up.

  • Devon roel

    I rely wanna see drake so bad

  • mrs. Ad graham

    Baby whats up w my phn???????? Im trying not 2 get upset when all ur txts r dont worry no worry…. Um baby really whats going on???????? Im not liking this please settle this w me in a orderly fashion. Thx page looks nice. Whats really going on mr. Adg ? Talk 2 me pls. Mwah. Love u but yes am upset right now.

    • Andrea=Hamlett

      you arent even drakes wife but i feel ya cause we all wana be and i wana get a tatoo with all his song names down my leg but i can’t and not all things are possible but they are if you lust beleive. i was just making an example about the tatoo.

  • Dims

    Hey drizzy..hw ya doin

  • Maria Javier

    awww it sucks I dont have rogers wireless… :( Idk what to do?

  • Andrea=Hamlett

    i hope i can get tickets and if i dont i will cry so bad it will last for 3 weeks!

  • Christal Valadez

    I love you.

  • chelsi cooke

    why dont i have roger wireless!!!!

  • Bublosity_122

    Drizzy I’m a major fan of yours,I respect ur mentality,ur hustle,n ur music. I think ur da cutest n u going hard so u can’t go home. By da way, Happy birthday Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big ups 2 u brah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ms. CeeTee!

    Wth y u gotta be a Canadian.

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    I was spazzin thinkin this was new! :(

  • Flynessmps

    Me too… mad old… im not canadian so Im not eligible anyways, but I did get excited!