What if Rihanna and Drake Had a Baby? See How Their Baby...

What if Rihanna and Drake Had a Baby? See How Their Baby Would Probably Look!


It has been no secret to even the most out of touch person that there is something between Rihanna and Drake. Video after video which features both of these artists show that they can not hide the feelings that they have for each other, and many believe that it is true love. So far RiRi and Drizzy have avoided parenthood together or separately, or even being named as a serious couple, but if they did have a baby what would the little guy or girl look like?

Many fans want to know just how cute a baby with Drizzy and Rihanna would look like, There are many different apps that can be used to combine photos and try to predict the appearance of any offspring between two people, and when Drake and Rihanna are combined like the photo below the result will melt your heart.

The photo shows that the baby could have the Barbados beauty’s eyes but with the soulful depth that the Toronto rapper is so well known for. Many fans would be ecstatic if Drizzy and RiRi became parents but only time will tell if this is ever going to happen, or if any baby that the couple had would look like this one.