Welcome To The New & Improved Drizzy Drake

Welcome To The New & Improved Drizzy Drake


Welcome to the new and improved Drizzy Drake news source. For months now, we have been getting tons of feedback from YOU the fans telling us what would make DrizzyDrake one of the best Drake websites out there. Well we’ve gone through over 600+ surveys, highlighting the most prominently asked ideas for improving DrizzyDrake, and we have finally came down to 18 different projects we plan on implementing in the weeks to months to come. One of the main things we wanted to switch up for you was the entire feel of our DrizzyDrake site.

Clean, Simple, & Drake

We’ve always tried to make everything very simple for you to get your Drizzy fix, well now it’s even more simpler. We cleaned up the clutter, added some space, and made a section on the sidebar for the stories everyone likes talking about. We even made it easier for you to share your favorite Drake stories with all your friends.

Commentators Appreciation

Since we launched the site, we received tons of fan discussion throughout the months and we want to thank all the fans out their who share their opinions with us, that’s what makes a great community. To show our appreciation to the fans who love coming to our website and sharing their opinions we have setup up a top commentator top 5 list (monthly), where the fans who love coming to our Drake website and commenting can be displayed along with a link back to either their Facebook profile, twitter, or even their own blog (depends on what you put in the website field when you comment).

We also decided to restore avatars, we want to make interactions more alive rather than just text on a screen. You can register you email and upload your avatar to Gravatar so when you do comment, your avatar will display throughout the site.

We aren’t done yet…Expect to see even more changes throughout the following weeks, and even some really sweet goodies for fans!

P.S. Don’t forget to grab that new track by Drake – I Get Lonely Too.

  • liliana

    Nice, I Love Drake. Wish I Can Go To His Concert Here In L.A. :(

  • I wanted to ask a question to the designer of this website…Do you have contact with Drake, and does Drake look at the comments we leave…?

    • We are not affiliated with Drake, and I’m not sure whether Drake looks at the comments here. We are the largest site out on net, so I’m pretty sure he knows of us.

  • itsrany[:

    im goign to see dake oct 21 !!! <3

  • Alaysia

    Omg!!!!!!!! Drakei amm soo proud of u man i soo wish i cud go to ur concert in Chicago next week! smt but i have skool n i live 3 hrs away :( DRAKE KEEP DOIN WAT U DOIN.. music aint music without u (:

  • rakeya

    Y do I feel so alone…