Views From the 6 Official Release Date Announced by Drake

Fans have been waiting patiently for Drake to finally announce the official release date for his newest album Views From the 6, and Drizzy has finally obliged. According to the announcement the album is set to be released on April 29, and the initial release will be exclusive to Apple Music. Drake told fans that there are plenty of tracks to enjoy, saying “It’s not a short thing. There’s a lot of music on there.” In recent months Drizzy and Noah “40”Shebib have been teasing fans on Instagram by providing hints about the recording process for the album, showing photos of themselves at work and at play. Drake also took his Toronto billboard scheme for the album to London where he had a “6 God is Watching” projection shown. Fans now know just how much longer they have to wait, just two more weeks, and the excitement has already started growing.