Views From Drake Versus Lemonade From Beyonce: Which Had More Sales in a Single Day?

The anticipation for Views from Drake and Lemonade from Beyonce was intense. Which of these albums had more sales in one single day though? Drizzy won the competition and Views outsold Lemonade. In fact Drake sold more of his new album in the first 24 hours that it was available than Beyonce did for her entire first week album sales. In the last few years sales of albums have been slumped for the entire music industry yet Drizzy managed to sell a combined 750,000 sale and stream units in just 48 hours, and 575,000 copies of Views in just one single day.

Lemonade was named as the #1 album in America but Drake surpassed Beyonce with streams and sales. There is still time left for Views to reach the 1 million mark, and if Drizzy manages this he would be the first one since Adele to do so when she sold 3 million copies of 25 in November of last year.

Since Views has sold so many units already it is a sure bet to be #1 next week, and it is already on the right path to become the biggest 2016 debut album and the biggest album of Drizzy’s entire career. This just shows why Forbes recently named Drake as one of the 5 richest rappers of the year.