Top 5 Memorable Drake Concert Moments

Top 5 Memorable Drake Concert Moments


Drake has had some funny moments on stage, as well as some tragic moments. The ladies love him when he’s performing and they sure know how to show it (hence his bra collecting microphone holder) lol. Either way, what would it be like to be at that concert where those memorable Drake moments happen? Have you been there? Here’s our list of Drake’s top 5 memorable concert moments.

Is That Yo Girl? Is That Yo Girl

Let’s start off with the most recent moment. Drake asked a random guy in the crowd if the girl standing next to him was his girl. Then Drake decides to tell him that he would “play train in the tunnel” with his girl. Theirs mixed feelings about this moment, some think it’s disrespectful, but some say he wasn’t serious, it was just part of the show. Check out the video below, if you want to jump to that part fast forward to around 8:50 for the memorable Drake moment.

Drake Tease & Reject

That’s what the buzz is calling it. Drake probably knew this girl was not 18 and who wants to get into another underage kiss controversy like Trey Songz did back at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. So like the title Drake pulled a Tease & Reject, probably not intentionally. Drake was watching out for himself, who wouldn’t. Watch the full video till the end for the Drake memorable moment.

I Let Her See The Aston, OMG!
Drake really just got caught off guard with this peep show. Fan in the crowd decides to show her goodies. Check out his reaction in the video below.

Drake Collapses
This wasn’t the best time for Drake, hence the tragic moments inclusion. Drake takes a nasty spill on stage, which unfortunately he had to be removed from stage. Good thing everything is better now. Check out the video below.

Drake Can Dougie?
Drake apparently knows some different styles of dance, If you haven’t seen Drake Krumping with T-rexx, check it out! Below is a video of Drake doing the Dougie. lol

That’s the end of our list of Drake’s most memorable concert moments. Do you know any other Drake memorable moments, let us know :)

  • Melodie B.

    iGot all dese vids saved on my youtube…off tops!! – Mel

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  • D

    The Jay-Z Tour in Manchester, Drakes first trip to the UK performing at one of the biggest Arena’s in the country with the biggest and one of the best rappers alive…doesn’t get much more memorable than that! really. Drake killed it! Got everyone so hyped. Memorable

  • Sabrina

    drake was very funny