Take Care Album Pushed Back To November 15th

Take Care Album Pushed Back To November 15th


It looks like Take Care will not be debuting in October, but instead in November. Drake’s commentary on the whole thing below:

The new date for Take Care is November 15th, 2011. I managed to create this album in my hometown of Toronto and the thoughts and stories I wanted to get across just became so clear. It truly felt like when I was here 3 years ago making So Far Gone. So I have completed 19 songs (17 on physical and 2 on bonus), and have run into a roadblock of clearing 3 samples in time to make the October 24th date. My options were to take the songs off and make the birthday release happen, or to take an extra couple weeks to get the paper work right and give you the album they way I NEED you to hear it. The choice was clear as day for me. November 15th you will get Take Care the exact way I created it with no trimmings. This music means too much to me to get attached to dates and I do apologize for the delay but I promise that it is only for the benefit of our experience together. Club Paradise Tour will also be moved to when students are back from the Christmas/New Year break so that I can get to more schools. New dates will be released in the next week…see you all soon.


Update: You can still pre-order Take Care via Amazon!

  • this ones a doozy

    sunava bitch

  • that was a joke, take care

  • OVOXOurgrlatmynextshow


  • drizzy97

    oh well. i hate waiting longer but if its to make the album better than its ok

  • Janahrashiid


  • Tinanatasha92

    Well can I at least pre-order this shit?

  • <3Sym'Drizzy<3

    How do you order Drake’s album? LOVE YOU DRAKE!!

  • Vcruz4775

    I was really looking forward to it in October but its worth the wait LOVE you Drake:)<3<3  and remember you don't need the haters you just the lovers<3 love you:)!!!!!!!<3

  • this nigha pulled a Wayne

  • dapuckstopper15

    All of you need to stop hatin cus foreal…like Drake stated before, albums used to come out every 3 years or so and now everyones trippin cus he pushed it back and the albums are about a year and a quarter apart. Good music should be appreciated and should get the respect it deserves. Its incredible to get that many tracks down in a year itself. Drake is doin it for the better of all listeners and is provin yall haters wrong!

  • Olivia Daniella

    im still looking foward to take care <3….love u drizzy

  • Houston

    Who cares? this is gonna be more awsome when he takes his time to finish it!

  • Richh Yungg

    Take your time & Take Care !!

  • Djimmy Phillips :D


  • ADG-LilHabzy08

    Its ok Drake we’ve waited a long time for this album to come out… we don’t mind waiting longer… we’re sure its gonna be worth it at the end… Love you loads… *TAKE CARE*

  • LaRon .J

    It’s all good Drizzy! Fuk theh haters eventually we will all be able to “Take Care” Perfect your message homie!

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Damn I was so ready to get that Take Care on October 24th but knowin Drake I know he know the right moves and whats best for his fans and his own good cant wait until November 15 lol

  • Tyler Allen94

    we can wait because it going to be the best album ever

  • Em

    so will this be some type of competition between drake and tyga. I hope it wont effect the sales of either artist because both albums are going to be classics.

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  • What’s gonna happen to the Club Paradise tour? what if we already bought tickets?

  • Anticipointment

  • ill die for u take care

  • sarah

    Just cause it’s Drake, I’ll wait. But I would be lying if I wasn’t mad when I first saw this.

  • irvingradilla79

    drizzy drake my niggah ;) OVO

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  • marissa <3

    okayyy sooooooo .. . .GREAT !its alright i guesss . . .. just cause drakee is my babe <3 :p

  • Ghernandez213

    Yooo Drake come to SoCal !!! Shit is poppin over here will all party it up over here HMU

  • Guest

    Fuck. I leave on deployment for 8 months on Nov 13th. I understand why, but fuck.

  • Jake poly

    Drake always have a reason for everything he does.. Now that’s an artist!

  • Jean

    he will do like ta carter IV

  • Detroit barbiie

    I need to know the new dates so I can tell my job in advance..I cant order my ticket until I know!!!!!!

  • Mario

    thi’ shit better be worth it mayne