T-RexXx Gives Speech About Drake At The 2012 Polaris Prize Gala

T-RexXx Gives Speech About Drake At The 2012 Polaris Prize Gala


Yesterday T-RexXx gave a speech on why Drake should win the 2012 Polaris Music Prize Award. Drake was one of the nominees for this award, but unfortunately he didn’t win. Check out T-RexXx’s speech below. Take Care.

Hip-hop is important again. RAPCITY’s back! I’m on TV mama. But I remember when they forgot about rap. I remember when people thought, unless you’re Nickelback, why invest in something that you probably won’t make a nickel back.

So as I stand here to talk about Take Care, I want you all to know that for me this is more than rap. This is more than mansions and vacations – songwriters’ awards, Juno and Grammy nominations.

This is a REVOLUTION in hip-hop for an entire nation.

To the Grand Jury:

Tonight as you pick the #1 album, please consider Take Care ’cause let’s be fair… all the songs are amazing, and my boy 40 went in on those beats, so you can’t deny the affect it’s had from the corporate offices right down to the streets.

Even my landlord was ready to tell me to Take Care until I told him I could get him some seats.

However, tonight we have 10 great albums making it very hard to choose sides. And yes it’s fucked up, Damian, but can you picture the headlines when Drake’s Take Care becomes the first hip-hop album to take the Polaris Prize?

The impact of Take Care is evident. I say that ’cause T remember when rappers from Toronto had fake accents living in the shadow of the U.S. But now we making Young Money and We Da Best more importantly – for our youth this music has created change they don’t wear Yankees fitteds no more, but New Era is sold outta Blue Jays!

Confidence bestowed upon our youth through this music making way for a kid from Brampton, Winnipeg, Scarborough, Forest Hill… that has a love for this art form to confidently use it.

This is more than an album. So many people attach to this body of work for different reasons – this album is 20 songs of celebration, 20 songs of inspiration, and 20 songs of liberation.

‘Cause ‘lord knows, lord knows’ it wasn’t long ago when they’d say that a Canadian kid cant make it rappin’.

Now look what’s happened. The paparazzi can’t stop, won’t stop snappin “DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE Drake!”
Even got your homeboy T-RexXx asking for an interview.

But that’s alright, because Take Care represents us, to the world, from our inner city view.

That’s my rhyme. That’s my time.

Take Care.