Sneak Peak: Drake feat. Rihanna – Take Care Video

Sneak Peak: Drake feat. Rihanna – Take Care Video


Here’s a little teaser of Drake‘s “Take Caremusic video featuring Rihanna. Tomorrow Drake will release the video, and you already know we will have it up the minute it goes live. Get excited!

  • Kianacrus

    weeeeeeeeee ilu drake

  • Alfredogiron61

    cant wait :D

  • Alexis DeFrance

     i love it so far.. can’t wait for the rest! love u always DRAKE!

  • Thamires

    can’t wait for this, love rihanna and drake together

  • Sandi0612

    bout frickin time

  • Sfdterdgd

    roflmao @ 7:56 premier time wtf

  • Swimmindude06

    u stupid whore rihanna i swear if you kiss him i will cut you ily drake role model for life

    • 1234baby

      Really? He doesn’t even know you exist and you’re threating people who he associates with? Nice.

  • Luz Echeverria

    Cant wait to see It!(: