Slam Magazine Puts Drake on Cover With Players From Toronto Raptors for...

Slam Magazine Puts Drake on Cover With Players From Toronto Raptors for Issue Covering “6 Gods”


No one can say that Drake does not know how to represent the city that he calls home, and Toronto’s finest rapper has done it again by appearing on the cover of Slam magaine along with two of the players from the Toronto Raptors, and the Issue covers “6 Gods”.  DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry are the players that were chosen to appear with Drake on the cover of the issue, and the issue is being called historic by the magazine because it combines team players with Drizzy, who is the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. The team is expected to be the number 2 seed for the Eastern Conference in the NBA Platyoffs.

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In true Drake fashion Drizzy took plenty of pictures during the shoot, which took place at the practice facility for the team, and the pictures were put on Instagram shortly after. Drake also showed his excitement and enthusiasm for the unique opportunity, and the rapper is expected to release his next album called Views From The 6 in April. The cover picture was posted by Drake with the caption “@slamonline @demar_derozan @kyle_lowry7 @raptors Another very important moment in my life to be on the cover of one of my favorite magazines of all time. #6SIDE #VIEWS”. The magazine issue will hit the stands in the next week or so. All three of the individuals who grace the cover of Slam for this edition played a part in the 2016 NBA All-Star Gamr, and Drizzy coached Team Canada to a win over Team USA coached by Kevin Hart.