Shaq Ticked Off About Drake Meme, Angrily Walks Off Set

Drake’s Views From the 6 is still so new that fans are trying to determine whether it is a great album or not, but the cover for the album has already started a meme trend that is going strong. Some of the memes put someone else in Drake’s place while others move Drake to a different location instead. The creativity of some of the memes out there are really inspiring but one managed to really tick off Shaq and cause the NBA star to walk off set and trash everything in his path as he was leaving.

The crew from NBA on TNT created the controversial meme on Saturday but they may have taken things a little too far and Shaq may have had a legitimate reason to be angry. It was all supposed to be in fun, but the cover album created for Shaq showed Kobe on top of the Staples Center instead of Drake, and Shaq was features on Kobe’s back. Shaq seemed to brush it off at first but then stormed off the set and trashed whatever was in his path as he was leaving.