Saturday Night Live Promo Video Clips Show Drake as Leslie Jones Won’t Take No For an Answer

On Saturday May 14, 2016 Drake is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live again, acting as musical guest and host of the show both. In order to promote the episode featuring the Toronto rapper a set of three video clips were released by SNL which show Drizzy and Leslie Jones together. In the initial clip Jones starts hitting on the artist, the rapper politely declines, and Jones then manages to cop a feel of Drake’s booty while things escalate from there.

The second video clip in the set shows Drake and Leslie discussing an idea by Jones where she would spank the 6 god like he was a baby. The last clip shows Drake being forced to sit on Leslie’s lap. Before Saturday Night Live airs the Drake episode Drizzy is scheduled to appear on Thursday May 12th on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The SNL promo video can be found below.