Playboy Files Lawsuit Against Drake

Playboy Files Lawsuit Against Drake


Not good news for Drake.

The suit accuses Drake , Cash Money Records and Universal of Copyright Infringement. The song sampled at the beginning of “Best I Ever Had” is allegedly their song, “Fallin’ In Love,” by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison/Reynolds. The copyright for the music belongs to Playboy Music, Inc. and Plaintiff, Playboy Enterprises, is its successor in interest.

Playboy – Fallin’ In Love

Drake – Best I Ever Had

  • There’s some similarities in the beginning, but wtf? They’re JUST NOW suing Drake over this when that song came out over a year ago. SMH.

  • if he wasn’t famous would they still file a lawsuit?
    F*ck PB

  • Nathan

    Wikipedia says
    “Best I Ever Had” samples “Fallin’ in Love” by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
    So Drake hasnt actually breached copyright as he acknowledged the use of the song.

  • Come on now that is stupid the song is kind of alike in the beginning but most songs are like that.It just the see how he makeing all this money and want to sue

  • dd

    i think drake is cute we have the same livfe and i like his songs he is the best raper im his bigest fan and im only 10#