Ping Pong Battle Between Drake and Reggie Miller Captured on Camera

Drake and Reggie Miller battled it out during a game of “6-pong” after Drizzy was challenged by Miller earlier in the month, and the entire game was captured on video. Highlights of this match up were played at the beginning of the All Star Celebrity Game between Team Canada and Team USA, and the video is online for anyone who missed it. Miller was chosen to be a commenter for the All Star Game, and the challenge was issued once Miller found out about Drake’s prowess with a ping pong paddle.


Drake accepted the challenge through social media and the match was on. The video includes commentary from both players, and fans can see that Drizzy started out strong as the game started. Miller soon eliminated the lead that Drake had, and went on to have a terrific comeback. Once Drake saw the film footage of the final point being made the Canadian rapper from Toronto commented that “This is it. This is the most devastating moment of the last few years for me.” If losing a ping pong game is the worst that has happened to Drake in recent years he should consider himself blessed.