Pictures Don’t Lie: Drake Loves Almost Everyone

Pictures Don’t Lie: Drake Loves Almost Everyone


Anyone who has ever seen any pictures that feature Drake knows that Drake loves almost everyone. If you can find a partner who looks at you the way Drake looks at anyone he has ever taken a photo with then you can bet it is true love and the real deal. Lil Wayne, Stephen Curry, Rihanna, and many others have felt the loving gaze of Drizzy at one time or another and it is hard to find a photo of Drake where he is not looking lovingly or gazing in adoration at someone. Some examples include:

Rihanna- If you have seen RiRi’s Work video then it is no secret that Drake is smitten by the Caribbean Queen. The clip is 7 minutes of Drizzy falling head over heels and Rihanna enjoying every second. Any picture ever taken of these two, even before their video collaboration, shows just how much Drake cares about the pop star.

Rihanna AnD Drake

Rihanna 1rihanna2


Nicki Minaj- Photos and videos that feature Drake and Minaj show that Drizzy has a hard time hiding his emotions. Drake is always gazing at Minaj and the constant flirting when they work together is genuine. In one photo of the pair Drake is tenderly holding Minaj close as he kisses her on the eyebrow. How sweet.

nicki and drake

Will Ferrell- Anyone who has seen photos of Will Ferrell and Drake know that there is a serious bromance brewing there. You can almost see the love in Drake’s eye at he looks at one of his best buds and it is no secret that the two are great friends.

Chris Bosh- Drake is enamored with this basketball player, and there are pictures that show Drake praying and pleading with Bosh right on the court. When Drake turns those beautiful big puppy eyes on you no one could resist although it appears that Bosh tried.


chris bosh and drake

Stephen Curry- In photos and videos of Drizzy and Curry you can almost see the love, with Drake more than happy to spend time together and just hang out. In some pictures you just want to say jeez, get a room.

Kobe Bryant- There are pictures of Drake and Bryant hugging, and the smile and look of joy on Drizzy’s face speaks more than words ever could. Drake doesn’t care who knows about his feelings in this friendship.

Kevin Durant- In one picture of Drake and Kevin Drizzy actually has his arm around Durant’s waist as he introduces the player. On top of that Drake has that huge grin on his face so everyone knows he is having the time of his life.

Brian McKnight, Future, Skylar Diggins, Anziz Ansari, Carmelo Anthony, and even Vivek Ranadive have all been the object of Drake’s affection in photos. In fact there are very few people that Drake does not love, but Madonna may be one of them. After video surfaced showing Madonna laying a big surprise kiss on Drake while the two shared the stage the look of shock and disgust on Drizzy’s face when the lip lock broke was priceless, and the Toronto rapper quickly wiped his mouth.