Pia Mia Talks About Singing In Front Of Drake & Kanye West

Pia Mia Talks About Singing In Front Of Drake & Kanye West



“It was actually hilarious, because Kylie and I always do these little skits, like we perform them in the front room of her house in the mirror,” Pia continued. “She mouths the words and I’m like her backup dancer, and I’m actually singing. It’s just a cool thing we do for our friends. She’d heard the cover recently that I did, and so we were performing it for our friends in the front room and Drake walks in. It was so awkward! We were just like, ‘Oh, yeah…’”.

“We go sit down for dinner and Kanye randomly calls me out, like in the middle of eating salad,” Pia said. “He was like, ‘Hey Drake, you’ve seen Pia, she’s got some cool style. Her fashion’s really dope, and she’s a really good singer.’ I was just like, oh my god, something bad’s going to happen. And Drake was like, ‘Yeah, I see she has good style, I’d love to hear her sing.’ And Kanye was like, ‘Yeah Pia, why don’t you sing something?’”

“So Kylie was like, ‘Why don’t you sing the Drake cover?’ So I ended up singing that for Drake. It was really nerve-wracking because I changed the whole melody and basically remade his song, but just kept the lyrics. So I was a little nervous! It was really cool though, because Drake really liked it. That was dope!’

“I’m going to be honest with you, I blacked out a little during the performance, and I don’t really remember, because I was so nervous,” Pia admits. “The cover’s done really well on YouTube. I’m so surprised; I didn’t expect it do that!”