Official Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michele & Drake – Aston Martin Music

Official Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michele & Drake – Aston Martin Music


The official Rick Ross Music video. Check it out below.

  • siick video

  • didn’t this come out like a week ago

  • Its still a hot track.

  • Willibea

    i love you drake, this video is fabbbbb :) <3

  • How Better can DRAKE man… He said it him self hes really 2 young to be fillin this old.Other rapper hit me up and I never know what to tell them because they think I can help them get back from where they fell from.people mite not know rite now but DRAKE can probly be the greatest of all time if he keeps it up. Everybody is goin to THANK HIM LATER some even THANK HIM NOW like me! true fan thats from th heart…..

  • How better can DRAKE get mybad lol

  • Crystal

    Niiiice video…Drake delivered as usual. Ahh Miamiiii…gotta luv it :)

  • SymoneilyDrake

    ahhhh LOVE THIS SONG! this one of the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard and i love the was they combined Christett Michtelleand Drake’s singing! il ove rick ross and he’s so awsome! that was an ahmazing video and ther’s something aboput he feel about this that amkes it soo fly! ilove you Drake!<33333 foraverrrrr.

  • aileen graham

    This was a great combination for 1

  • Lily

    I am so in loveee with Drake in this video! The way he hits the note on life is amazing! I cant stop watching it just because of that one part!

    • Kara smith

      I feelya. I couldf keep watchin it over and over

  • Kenny

    Love this it so awesome DRAKE you are just to good:)

  • Kara smith

    I luv this song. U r tha best. U tha best. :) 2010 needed this!!!!! Ur concert waz tha best day of my life. Thank U <3

  • Kara smith

    Drake iz Amazin!!!!!!! <3

  • Squidlett

    i love him but i cant watch the freakin video some person got rid of it before i could watch it a again.GRRRR

  • A breezy

    Let me tell u wat will happen if luck never chose u..everyone around u smile just to use u..the ones u love the most onli call u when they need u..ready to take ur heart out for them still they dont believe u..u will die from hunger n no one will feed u..just stay strong weakness is a diseas that mite kill the hardest n i will never go down..the onli time I’ll  go down is when they baury me under the tryin hard playin this game even tho i dont see the goal..i feel like im just a body with no soul..They say life is short n im livin every moment..if u can open ur girlfriend heart it will say A breezy own it..still feelin like fake love is all they show tired of bein one year i lost my grandma my uncle n my long mom  n we get older things get more sad..all i can say my childhood was the best thing i ever money no power no benz..can never replace ne of my real the end i wish death to all my haters..we take lifes we not life saverssss…fuckass

    • A breezy

      Geed up

  • Drakes #1 fan

    i love this song if drake was not in it i would have not listend to it

  • Squidlett

    i luv Drake! hes so freakin SEXY! i dont like the chic in the video thou! so rude!

    • Drake completes, begins and ends my day..everyday. I downloaded the lost verse of this track just because it is my the best part of the song. Drake, you need to come to South Africa!