Drake & Coldplay: October’s Very Cold – produced by @ChiDuly (Download)

Drake & Coldplay: October’s Very Cold – produced by @ChiDuly (Download)


DOWNLOAD: October’s Very Cold – produced by @ChiDuly

This is a brand new mixtape that just got on the net from October’s Very Cold – produced by @ChiDuly.

October’s Very Cold Tracklist

Ever Lost – Drake & Coldplay
Troubles Over – Drake & Coldplay
Lose Your Love (Extended Version) – Drake & Coldplay
Say Something pt. XY ft. Timbaland – Drake & Coldplay
Forever La Vida ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem – Drake & Coldplay
Money To Fix ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne – Drake & Coldplay
The Best Strawberry – Drake & Coldplay
Successful Place ft. Trey Songz – Drake & Coldplay
The Fly Scientist ft. Page & Silver Medallion – Drake & Coldplay
A Rush to Vegas – Drake & Coldplay

Following in the tradition of Danger Mouse’s iconic mashup The Grey Album, October’s Very Cold is a remix album produced by Chi Duly (Nappy Roots, The Pack, Termanology). It features Drake, aka October’s Very Own, over Coldplay samples (as well as Coldplay vocals over Drake instrumental samples on intro and outro). The first track released from this project a couple weeks ago has more than 10k downloads across the internet, and was posted on the biggest record pool in the world, DJ City. The Drake x Coldplay combination under the control of Chi Duly yields a smooth and seamless sound. This shit is great.

  • Drizzy Look-Alike

    this chilly mixtape is def FIRE!

    but r u sure Drake made this official from him? (prolly not)

    im still gonna get it though

  • Vanessa

    Drake and Coldplay hmmm, we have to see but it’ll probably be good anywayz

  • Alfonso Gustavo Herrera Moreno

    I wanna buy it!

  • Broseph

    This was not made by Drake. Someone took Drake’s and Coldplay’s songs already published and put them together. Still a legit mixtape, just not official.

  • Alfonso Gustavo Herrera Moreno

    I know it, but i really love this!