Noah “40? Shebib: Best He Ever Had (Fader Magazine)

Noah “40? Shebib: Best He Ever Had (Fader Magazine)


Toronto’s ?Noah “40” Shebib ?is the one producer Drake can’t do ?without. FADAR recently publsihed an article on “40” this week:

“If you want a laugh, pull up the music video for Drake’s “Replacement Girl.” It’s 2007. The Toronto rapper is wearing a leather baseball cap, backwards, with enormous designer sunglasses and his necktie above the belly button—not unlike how Fred Flintstone does his. He double-time raps in front of a crudely drawn world map while women of various tint and confusion dance close by; at the video’s climax, Drake leans on the hood of an expensive car the director rented for the shoot. It’s not a bad R&B-cum-rap song. And the video went on to play on BET, a first for an unsigned Canadian rapper. But this Drake was, to put it kindly, not the cool, introspective, self-deprecating one we now know.”

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  • Luxor5000

    laugh? the video was great.  Much love to drake and keep up your wonderful work and making these grammies and hits for the world. Your one leading hip hop and you only get better.. much ovoxo is nice too . take care lol and I’ll be seeing you soon.    

  • Drake can u sing happy birthday to me tommorow october 14 :D it would really make my day. I been having such a bad week. thank you and take care. October’s Very own xOxO  

  • Mr Mosleyii

    this was an excellent interview

  • Drizzy Drake