Nina Dobrev Talks About Drake In Nylon Magazine

Nina Dobrev Talks About Drake In Nylon Magazine


Nina Dobrev spoke about Drake in the newest issue of Nylon Magazine. Dobrev, played a teen mom Mia Jones from 2006 to 2009 on the popular Canadian series Degrassi. In this issue she discusses her former co-star’s success in the mag.

“I remember being in the car going to a party, singing along with the radio,” said the 23-year-old brunette beauty. “And somebody said, ‘Isn’t that your buddy Drake?’ I was like, ‘Who’s Drake?'”

On her former Degrassi costar, Aubrey Graham (Drake.) “He was so sweet. It’s almost weird to me that he’s a rapper and a sex symbol now. I remember being in the car going to a party, singing along with the radio, and somebody said ‘Isn’t that your buddy Drake?’ I was like, ‘Who’s Drake?’”

  • stfu u wish u could be like him u wish

    • VONiE

      what’s your problem? she didn’t say anything bad about him…

  • Davie24

    yea right she wish she was like him lol!!!!

  • All I know is my baby is amazing! Then and now!

  • VONiE

    when she said “who’s Drake?” she wasn’t dissing him. On Degrassi he went by his birth name… Aubrey so that’s what they’re used to calling him. Not Drake.

  • candace

    I find it hard to believe she didnt know who is was after working with him for that long, espcially with him being a bog icon. ya digg

  • carlpittso

    omg i love these two people this would be one banging couple , if thats weird to say lol, nina i would marry u in a sec

  • Glowies

    I remember her! :D Her sexy ass!
    OVOXO|YMCMB|ATF! Drizzy Drake forever! :D

  • Drakes#1fan! <3

    Wow! That was your old cast mate and you dont even know the amazing man he’s become and all the succsess he has made for himself in the last few years. I mean people all over the world know who he is and if you dont i’ll be happy to explain, i do it all the time. All i gotta say is that Nina Dobrev is living under a rock with no life. And don’t you thin tats kinda hurtful towards Drake.

    • VaN

      Relax she wasn’t dissing him she just knows him by Aubrey and I’m sure when that happened it was a long time ago.

  • Swaso <3

    Sex symbol? xD i must have missed that memo

  • Ooh Ooh Baby85

    omg people, she wasn’t trying to diss him! He didn’t go by his stage name when he came out on Degrassi! Lawd people!

  • carlpittso

    i am watching degrassi right now drake  is wearing a dress lol still the king of swag for ever ily drizzy

  • Blikyah

    Hi im going to your concert MArch 1,  2012

  • OH PLEASE HONEY! Dont flatter yourself!! I love u on vampire diaries but you dont know shit bout rapping so just stick to acting. k?