Nicki Minaj Speaks About Drake In The Latest Vibe Issue

Nicki Minaj Speaks About Drake In The Latest Vibe Issue


Nicki Minaj spoke out about Drake on the latest VIBE magazine which she made the cover of. See some of the responses she had to the Q&A after the jump

Drake commenting on whether he has a target on his back:
“All I know is that Drake is extremely talented and he’s very smart. I don’t think people realize how intelligent he is, so some things are… It’s fun. Some things are hip-hop and that’s what it is. if he does have a target on his back it’s because he’s extremely successful and he makes music people can relate to.”

How has he changed with Take Care? Do you feel like he’s gotten more confident, become more of a tough guy?:
“I really don’t think Drake has changed musically. Take Care is a continuation of Thank Me Later. I really don’t feel it’s a leap. His core fans are getting what they love from Drake.”

Do you guys talk about how your handling fame?: “We speak about it all the time, yeah.”
What’s the greatest advice that you’ve given him and that he’s given you?: [laughs] “I told him recently to go back to his clean-cut look. I always tell him what I think girls are going to like. We have a couple of laughs about it and keep it moving. In terms of image, whenever I wear my black hair he’s so happy, He’s like “Yo that’s how I want you to look”. We have more in-depth conversations about the business, but those are confidential.”

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