New Drake Music Section

New Drake Music Section


We added a new section to our site “New Drake Music“. I know many of you want to find the hottest releases quick and easy, so we decided to make a page dedicated to New Drake Music that releases. This page will be updated daily, with any new Drake leaks found.

Visit our new section here, click New Drake Music.

Drake Navigation

We have altered the navigation for browsing our site. Top-level menu is still clickable, but for some links there will be a dropped down menu so you can choose to visit a specific Drake page instead of finding different ways to reach popular content on the site. For an example:

Please let us know if you have any trouble with the new Drake navigation. It should work with both IE 7-8 and Firefox. If you are still browsing the net prehistorically “IE6” go ahead and upgrade your browser. To download Internet Explorer 8 visit here.

More changes coming soon. If you would like to give your input on some changes to make your Drake experience better, give us some feedback using the button located to the bottom left corner, or simply click here.

  • Jesse Villalobos

    i was the one who recommended this lol.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    u need 2 call asap or its over.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    dont think ill b checking my emails or ur page either im done mr adg lies lies lies…w e im done.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    whats really going on pls talk 2 me.